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  • CosmoStar24

    The Rainbooms have their tour bus now and can travel to any new destination other than around the city of Canterlot. It would be cool to see the bus have only members the Rainbooms without Big Mac or Granny Smith and the driver would be one one of the girls like either Applejack or Sunset Shimmer now that she passed her driving test and got her license in “Driving Miss Shimmer”. Their possible road adventure could have many obstacles to get to their destination like a concert other than the one we saw in “Road Trippin”. They could get stuck in traffic or have a flat tire, but the girls can face other obstacles like taking a shortcut which will may get them lost or even got their bus stuck in the mud or snow during harsh weather conditions.…

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  • CosmoStar24

    Stygian became the Pony of Shadows because the Pillars believed he stole artifacts to gain power, but he wanted their respect by making copies so he might be one of them and stand by their side in battles, and they turned him away which made him consumed revenge and accepted the darkness. As the result, they were all sent to limbo.

    After that, it made me wonder Starlight could’ve fallen into the same fate as Stygian after Season 5. Starlight made big crimes in one season. She started out by stripping the ponies of their Cutie Marks at her village and replaceed them with equal signs. Not to mention she took Twilight and the others’ Cutie Marks against their will along with trying to brainwash them to accept her philosophy. When they stopped …

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  • CosmoStar24

    As we all heard, Season 8 of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is coming up next spring. There are ideas I had in mind for the upcoming season after Season 7 and the movie:

    A new magical force is discovered.

    Diamond Tiara gets a speaking role since Season 5.

    Most characters from the movie appeared. (ex seaponies)

    Philomina returns with a pet contest.

    Another prank episode, but this time a masked prankster targets ponies not just in Ponyville, but also parts of Equestria.

    Breezies returned.

    Trixie tries out at Las Pegasus.

    Seeing Babs Seed again after she got her cutie mark.

    New Equestria Games episode, but way better than the Spike episode.

    Big Mac and Shining Armor meet.

    Twilight becomes a substitute teacher for Cheerliee.

    The Mane 6 become tempora…

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  • CosmoStar24

    After seeing the news of Season 7 has a lot of confirmed episodes thanks to Canada airing them early, we now only have three episodes yet to be confirmed. That includes the finale whether it's a two parter or not. The finale may not be a repeat on To Where and Back Again the way our main characters were treated. I'm sure somewhere there's an arc that leads to the finale like all the other seasons.

    What do you all think that episodes 24-26 be about despite them being aired in Canada already?

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  • CosmoStar24

    Starlight & Sunset

    October 13, 2016 by CosmoStar24

    After season 6, I always had a feeling that Starlight Glimmer is the next Sunset Shimmer in Equestria while the original Sunset Shimmer is with the Equestria Girls franchise. There are signs of many similarities between the two characters despite being in different franchises and different life styles.

    They both began their lives as ponies living in Equestria. Both of them were unicorns with great magic skills. Those two share a dark past. Sunset Shimmer was once Princess Celestia's star pupil before Twilight Sparkle, but when she didn't get what she wanted like being a princess, she turned evil and abandoned her studies. After that, she ran away from Equestria through the magic mirror leading into the human world and attended Canterlot Hig…

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