During the season 2 finale A Canterlot Wedding, there are some things that I sometimes keep thing of. It is how the villain Queen Chrysalis has the upper hand to infiltrate Canterlot as Princess Cadence while the is being guarded. No pony but Twilight seems to notice something amiss with the fake Cadence, and that could be connected to this treat. The true Princess Cadence never acted that evil like Chrysalis. Things get darker when Twilight told Cadence (Chrysalis) she is evil without evidence, but no pony like Shining Armor, the Mane 5, and Princess Celestia believed her. They so furious of her actions and abandoned her and also never showing her face at the wedding. But soon they realized that ignoring Twilight's concerns for the fake Cadence's behavior will have horrible, disasterous, dark consequences. When Twilight saved the real Princess Cadence, Queen Chrysalis is starting to win when she has Shining Armor under her control, defeated Celestia, and captured the Mane 6. Equestria would soon fall to the changelings if it weren't for Cadence and Shining Armor's love power to save everypony, it was all because Twilight made this possible and to have a happy ending.

I have ideas on how the aftermath works:

1. Twilight may carry the scars of that incident when the ponies turned against her.

2. Princess Celestia carries all the guilt for not trusting her most fateful student and letting this crisis happened for not taking this unknown threat a little seriously. The same goes to her friends

3. Shining Armor also carries the guilt for not seeing the truth of this situation and almost losing the best little sister ever.

4. The ponies then realized on what happened the last time they did not take there friend Twilight's concerns or problems seriously, and they don't want to let that happen again after the witnessing the invasion.

There is one question: "Where in Equestria is Princess Luna?!" She was never around where we may need her during the invasion.

Also for my idea to try to erase most of this past pain is by an episode that involves adventures in Twilight's dream. This episode will might be called Anniversary Nightmare . It was set around the one year anniversary of the royal wedding. As the the days of that anniversary draw near, Twilight starts to have nightmares on the events at A Canterlot Wedding, but this time Chrysalis and the changelings reign supreme ruled all Equestria. Another part of her nightmare was that her friends, family, and mentor don't like her anymore after accusing somepony. Princess Twilight starts to become paranoid and crazy, so the Mane 5 with Spike, three Equestrian Princesses, and Shining Armor must travel in Twilight's mind and help put the painful past behind her.

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