As we all heard, Season 8 of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is coming up next spring. There are ideas I had in mind for the upcoming season after Season 7 and the movie:

A new magical force is discovered.

Diamond Tiara gets a speaking role since Season 5.

Most characters from the movie appeared. (ex seaponies)

Philomina returns with a pet contest.

Another prank episode, but this time a masked prankster targets ponies not just in Ponyville, but also parts of Equestria.

Breezies returned.

Trixie tries out at Las Pegasus.

Seeing Babs Seed again after she got her cutie mark.

New Equestria Games episode, but way better than the Spike episode.

Big Mac and Shining Armor meet.

Twilight becomes a substitute teacher for Cheerliee.

The Mane 6 become temporary leaders of Equestria.

Hardly these will be in this current season after most titles are revealed. These can be a great fit for next April. See what you think.