The road to the Journey to Arion. 

I would like to share with you my OCs story, since I'll be trying to put it on writing in mlpfanart at some point.

It's a story of adventure, action, and sacrifice. All just so a Pegasus stallion can return home. To get that he must find a lost city, the city of the spirit of everything earth ponies stand for. Ironically he is a Pegasus.

Of the many things I like about my story, one of the top ten is that Braeburn will get to be the great hero cowpony we all know he can be. Neat huh?

What do

  • El chupacabras
  • The headless horse
  • Fire spirits
  • Outlaws
  • Pirates
  • Undead

Have in common? 

Before starting we should get over some key points that might be useful for understanding my story.

He will have to go to many cities and encounter many enemies and friends, new and old.

My inspiration. The hero archetype that starts off with a promising future, noble descent, suffers a great disgrace, and has to struggle to regain glory has always interested me. Top inspirations off the top of my head: The Odessey-Indiana Jones-The Uncharted series(my favorite video games).

Let's start with the name and the character himself. Hurricane Alexander Stormcloud

  • He is a blue pegasus and with multicolored wings. He will have to endure an odyssey to reach a lost city and will need help from everywhere and everypony. Even the mane 6. I already have his childhood down as well as the first part of the story
  • He is a direct descendant (on his fathers side) from the leader of the Pegasus warrior tribe (the same we saw in Hearths Warming Eve, before the founding of Equestria), Commander Hurricane. He was named after her.
  • His middle name Alexander, is based on the hurricane under which he was born, and after Alexander Maximus, conqueror of all skies east of Equestria, he himself is also a descendant of Commander Hurricane and an ancestor of Hurricane Alexander. He will comment about him a few times.
  • He was born in Maneterrey. A city surrounded by mountains that also has an area composed of a cloud city, like Cloudsdale. It is north of Canterlot, this city and others(that will be mentioned later) compose the northern territories.
  • It's an industrial city with a lot of old temples. He was born in one of those temples in "saddle mountain" under a high category hurricane that could not be avoided, hurricane Alexander.
  • His father was very strict. He was a general of the royal guard in the Northern Territories. (Note: Shining armor is in charge of the royal guard in canterlot. He was in charge of it in the whole north). The type of parent that smacks you if you do not show absolute discipline. Their relation is important in the story. In his teen years he leaves his home to travel Equestria, and returns to his father who now seems more distant than ever. His mother is a hole different story. (he already has his cutie mark at this time)
  • After this, in the northern territories there is a food shortage due to crop failure. The territory is mostly populated by pegasus. So the only thing left is to increase the rains and grow the food again. A controversy rises. Pegasus shouldn't be farming, or using more rain water than usual. 

The central gov of Canterlot, without the princesse's knowledge, prohibits the pegasi to farm, thinking it is not a big deal. This causes a revolt in the north, the response is what happened to the colonies after sending their grievances to the king of England.  Fearing rebellion the royal guard is sent north to secure, only secure, order. After the mayor of Maneterrey insists on food being sent north in fear of more revolts, to which the princess is informed the situation is "a ok", he is arrested as so is Hurricane's father for high treason. Meanwhile the ponies are hungry, and the proud pegasi feel increadibly insulted. What happens after shapes Hurricane into what he will be in the future and gives him the terra-cotta ring.

  • He gains a ring called the "Terra-cotta Ring" that is the key to Arion. 

Cutie Mark

  • His cutie mark is a Pegasus rising over a mountain that has a storm with three lightning bolts under it. It signifies "The overcoming of any obstacle". He was 11 when he got it. The CMC would dare think to wait that long. But he indeed risked his life to get it. He fought an ice dragon that was destroying the foodstuffs and looting the cities, but won by using his head, by making the mountain rocks fall over it. As the greed-enlarged dragon(like spike in the secret of my excess) died, the waves of a sonic rain boom gathered the magic vapors emanating from the rumble and formed it into a renewed dragon egg that he kept. More? Not now.

The Warhero

  • Destined to warfare, he graduates from the academy of the royal guard and becomes General of a special royal guard faction. 7th Special Mountain Royal Guard "Coyote-Storm" Calvary. It is a royal guard army that specializes in mountainous terrain, has a Coyote as a mascot, and was initially made for princess Luna for situations under stormy weather. (that is because no sunlight passes through a thick storm) She wanted to ensure that her domain (of night) and her sister's would not be threatened by any storm. When he takes command of the Storm Calvary Luna is still imprisoned in the moon.
  • There are other terrain specialized units.

The War of Night and Day

  • In nightmare moons return, her royal guard (seen in Luna Eclipsed) invaded the northern territories along with other areas(that I will also mention later). Obviously, they never got far enough to Canterlot or Ponyville. 

Much like how the German Nazis got to important cities like Paris,(which I plan to make into Mareis) but never reached London or the US.

  • This conflict came to be known as The War of Night and Day. 

Fortunately Twilight asked herself in It's about time if there had been an epic pony war, giving me the knowledge that ponies could have wars. 

  • His dad died during this time of age, but this only made his resolve stronger.
  • He was in many battles, but in Stablepool (not the last) (Based on Sevastapool or Liverpool, both sites of battles. WW2 and the defeat of Napoleon respectively) he was defeated only to be rescued by his sister's special Calvary. Remember this will become the reason for a major deception to Equestria!!!....
  • Upon the wars end thanks to the Mane six Night Mare Moon was no more(Keep in mind his effort was to free the land of perpetual night, most importantly in Maneterrey there are amulets that can return Night Mare Moon, yes there must be many of those, so he had to made sure that didn't happen)and he became Brigadier Captain (captain of two squadrons) of the wonderbolts. Here is where it all goes south.

The beginning of the Journey

  • Since his childhood he's had a bully that with age turned to bitter rival. Furthermore their families are rivals.

Kold Figher (Kold Figh-err), a pegasus and also a captain of the wonderbolts, challenged him to race to settle things once and for all (there are many other instances of their rivalry in his childhood).  Know this: He was no good sport, gracefull champion, of good loser. 

  • Hurricane had a choice actually, to attend a friendly reunion of the royal academy of architecture and engineering, in which he would receive an important award or attend a race for the sake of his pride. He made the wrong decision. 
  • To make it short Kold tried to cheat on the race, the loser would quit the wonderbolts. Kold  would try to get Hurricane shocked by lightning. To do this his sister, Laura (a unicorn), would make him a lightning cloud. Especially purple lightning, their families symbol, that can injure greatly or possibly kill. Hurricane's skills prove greater than any storm cloud, but the trap still causes the lightning to set fire to the forest below. Kold is enraged, they both fight aggressively in flight near the rocky part of the mountain.. Hurricane uses the same maneuver that he used when he got his cutie mark. Kold is injured and breaks his wing, but he decides to keep going. In flight he tries to ram Hurricane. 

At this point they are on top of a cloud and the forest is completely ablaze. Klud injures his wing even further and plummets into the cloud dragging Hurricane with him. He quickly collect enough ice crystals to make a block of ice to hit Hurricane. They are at the edge of the cloud. Hurricane dodges the blow making Kold fall off the edge of the cloud. He is holding into the cloud by one hoof. Kold begs Hurricane for help. His next choice starts his journey. He decides not to help him and pushes a chunk of the cloud off. Kold tries to climb into the small chunk of cloud, but is just scratching more and more pieces off. Until he fell into the blazing inferno below, ending his life. Hurricane wins the race, and says Kold tried to cheat and fell behind. The hot  burning air from the forest fire enters a cave in the mountain and awakens a dark spirit of unfavorable winds. He is one of the main antagonists. He can turn into a bunch of horrible birds surrounded by turbulent winds. 

  • Laura sees all this happen and vows revenge. What Hurricane doesn't know is that she is part of a secret society, the "Lightning Circle", that is a club interested in ancient artifacts and weather. She uses her influence to re-open a case of court martialing from the royal guard, of his failure at Stablepool, and the dark spirit, allied with her, charms his superiors with magic to declare him guilty of cowardice in battle and neglect of his troops. For which he is exiled. Laura is not highly talented in the magical arts, if anything her knowledge is basic. It's all a lie, a deception for revenge, that for now everyone has believed.
  • He is ridiculed by the high class ponies of Canterlot as a complete disgrace to the Stormcloud Family (Direct descendants of Commander Hurricane) and a coward. Princess Celestia is aware of this but does nothing and keeps a mysterious silence, as if she agreed that this has to happen. Instead, she gives him a quest, a purpose and a chance to return: to find a lost city said to have never existed and some supplies. Meanwhile the royal guard community is to stunned to act as he leaves, unable to enter the northern territories and central Equestria.
  • Yet this is only the beginning, what sent him into his quest. Laura didn't want Hurricane exiled, he wanted him gone, with a worse end than his brother's. And with the Lightning Circle's ample resources and money from it's high class members, she gets the worse of Equestria to bring down Hurricane and his expedition and claim Arion, if it exists, for herself. Including Arion's diamond, said to have powers beyond those of both princesses.
  • Hurricane will find himself alone and lost at one point, hurt and broken, with all hope lost. With no hope left his only chance not to meet a pathetic end lies in a small town and many obstacles lie ahead of him, and thats where the story begins. Meanwhile the law also wants him for al the chaos he has left in his wake, plus Laura and the dark spirit Raven, that has his own plans, are hot on his hooves with most of the artifacts collected from previous clues to find the city, and with a small army lead by an insidious zebra, his end is closer than ever. That's how the story starts.