One day pinkie pie was jumping along the streets getting party planers stuff and she stopped to look at this black inked thing
Spike 'Cupcakes!' S2E03


’pinkie pie:pooh what's that? Flutershy: I' don't know but it looks like some ink. Pinkie pie:I'm gonna touch it!
Pinkie Pie "an idea pops into my head" S5E13

I'm gonna touch it

flutershy:I don't know pinkie it looks dangerous. Pinkie pie:dangerous smangerous!
Fluttershy looks down at giant Angel S5E13

I don't know pinkie it looks dangerous

Pinkie pie touched the ink thing and it jumped inside her body flutershy:oh my. pinkie pie:wow that felt like a body of water jump inside my body. Then off went pinkie pie to the sweet shop. Pinkie pie:lalalal lal . Then pinkie pie went up stairs and set up this little place. Sweetie belle:pinkie pie can I help to get my cutie mark? Pinkie pie:sure u can help me bake. Pinkie pie:follow me.
Pinkie "...bake!" S5E8

Let's bake!

So pinkie pie and sweetie belle went into the kitchen and baked. Sweetie. Belle:what's this red stuff in this bowl pinkie? Pinkie pie think s in her mind:talks to evil voice in her head: should I tell her? Evil voice:tell her it's red jam don't tell her the real thing u know pony juice. Pinkie voice:ok pinkie pie:it's red jam!
Pinkie "that's fifteen hours of pure baking bliss!" S5E8

Ok sweetie belle we are done!

Sweetie belle:look pinkie I got my cutie mark!

(Pinkie pie blows the cutie mark and it comes off) pinkie pie:yAY I WIN!! Apple bloom:aww it was just powder.
Apple Bloom with a sad expression S4E17

Aww I think it was powder

pinkie pie:oo the cupcakes are ready! Let's check them out! Pinkie pie:cupcakes! For SALE!!!!! COME GET UR CUPCAKES!!!
Pinkie Pie tasting cupcakes S01E12

'Crunch ' crunch mm spit)

Then the next day came and pinkie pie called rainbow dash over. Pinkie pie:hey rainbow dash come to the sweet shop today I'm so excited. Rainbow dash:I don't know what pinkie pie wants. Then rainbow dash went to the sweet and pinkie pie talked to her.pinkie pie:yay rainbow dash your HERE! Rainbow dash:what do u want pinkie? Pinkie pie:your going to help me make cupcakes! I'm so excited!! Rainbow dash:FINE! I'll help u make cupcakes. So pinkie and rainbow made cupcakes then pinkie went in the back and took OUT HER CHAN SAW! Then knocked out rainbow dash and rainbow dash fell to the ground rainbow dash woke up to a dark and lonely place she tried to get out but she wiggled and sqwirmed but didn't get out then she looked at her self and her wings and hooves were stuck on this black tour ture stand thing. Then pinkie came and said, pinkie pie:oh good ur awake! Then pinkie pie got her chan saw! Pinkie pie: hmm what should I cut off first?! Rainbow dash:pinkie pie I know this is not u u whouln't hurt ur best friend! Pinkie pie:SHut up BEFORE I CUT UR TOUNGE OFF!!! (Rainbow dash's mind: I know this isn't pinkie I must talk some sense into her but what if she really cuts off my Tounge?! I at least have to try. Pinkie pie: hmmm which blankwill I st her with? Rainbow dash:HAHAHA! Pinkie pie u whouln't do this to me! Pinkie pie:jokes ON U!!