One day in ponyville twlight and her filly friends were in the clubhouse wait this is all mixed up. Aren't sweetie belle and Apple bloom and scoot supposed to be the cutie mark crusaders? Said twlight.
Cutie Mark Crusaders cheer for Applejack S5E6
yeah but we already earned our cutie marks twlight so it's ur turn now.said the crusaders , look at Apple blooms cutie mark.said sweetie belle.
yeah my cutie mark is great it looks just like my face! Said Apple bloom. Now we will look at scoots
Scootaloo butterfly cutie mark crop
butterfly hmm I love to catch butterflies so that's my cutie mark.said scootaloo. Now for sweeties
Sweetie Belle heart cutie mark crop
Apple Bloom winking face cutie mark crop S5E4
I don't really know what it is right now yet.said sweetie belle. It's a heart shaped loopyed loop hearty top heartbreaker.said Apple bloom. ( Everybody stares at apple bloom)

What? I know my cutie's.said Apple bloom. Yeah right proove it show us all the. Cutie marks in ponyville.said scootaloo.

I ya'll get ready.said Apple bloom. Let's go to clouds dale.said sweetie belle. How? Said Apple bloom. Easy the clouds dale carriage.said scootaloo.
Ponies walking past a cloud S5E5
hey scOOTALOO!!!.said Apple bloom. What.said scootaloo. We can't walk on clouds were not Pegasus.said Apple bloom ur right.said scootaloo. To Twlight's house.said scootaloo.
The Mane 6 meet in the castle S5E11
oh hi girls do u need anything? Said twlight.yes.said scootaloo. We need.said sweetie belle. A spell.said Apple bloom. What kind.said twlight twlight,a walking on clouds spell.said scootaloo. Ok and twlight cast a spell on the crusaders without wings