One day scootaloo slept over her alarm. Beeeeeeeep!! Went the alarm! Uhh shUT UP ALARM! Said scootaloo, scootaloo cuts off her alarm. I need a new alarm. Said scootaloo

scootaloo gets out off bed and goes in the bathroom
Scootaloo listing what's not to like about apples S5E04
Scootaloo scared of lightning S5E6
and brushes her teeth
Washboard and bubble bath S2E5
teeth and takes a bath then scootaloo goes to the clubhouse were the crusaders were
Sweetie Belle "the clubhouse is for Crusaders only" S5E4
hey scootaloo what we gna crusader around next? Says sweetie belle,
Apple Bloom arrives at the clubhouse S5E4
I think I know! Says Apple bloom. what? Says scootaloo. we can watch work at the spa. Said Apple bloom. Scootaloo Apple bloom and sweetie belle went to the spa and helped out. Fir
Princess Cadance "he always cries at weddings" S5E9

Shinging armor crying over a wedding lol

he always crys over weddings.said Apple bloom helped with the sign and ringed the belle. Next sweetie belle helped ppl relax she did a horrible job! Scootaloo help dye hair a mare had rainbow hair and a Alfaro. They checked for cutie marks
Scootaloo imagines a barrel cutie mark S5E6
have u got ur cutie mark scootaloo? Said sweetie belle. Scootaloo checks for her cutie mark. Nope. Saids scootaloo. Have u? said scootaloo? Nope.said sweetie belle Apple bloom? Nope. Saids Apple what? Said scootaloo. Ya'll I herd there was a wedding ya wna go? Said Apple bloom. As long as we get our cutie marks! Said sweetie belle. I' don't see why not.said scootaloo. Ooo maba we'll get our flower girl cutie marks ya! Said Apple bloom
Scootaloo flower filly ID S2E26
this is awesome! Said scootaloo.
Apple Bloom flower filly ID S2E26
maba a little to flowerlike but im'a be k.said Apple bloom.

He cries crazy over weddings get use to it.said cadace.