Hi I'm twlight and I will be telling u about my life and this is one thing so let's start the story ok scratch that ok I lived in the cantrlot castle and I was a filly
Twilight Sparkle Unicorn Filly ID S2E25

One day I was with shinging my brother and he said this. Uhh twily what are u doing?

Chapter 1 embarrassed shinging armor, behold my gate no one can break through such big walls!
Filly Twilight practicing magic S02E25
twlight that's really really cute but chould u let me throw? ,says shinging armor. What's the password? Says twlight. Huh a pass word? Says shinging armor. Is it will u please let me go in the kitchen because ur brother is very hungry?says shinging armor. Not even close.says twlight, is it I love u twily? Says shinging armor,
Twilight blushes again S1E6
i love u too bbbff but that's not it sense u tried to use ur charm I'll add more to my password,says twilight, fair enough I'd do anything for that Apple right now.says shinging armor, u have to sing the song and do the dance that goes with it,says twlight.
Filly Twilight and Shining hug S2E25

Young Twilight and her brother, Shining Armor.

what do u mean?says shinging armor. Wait only u and cadace do that!says shinging armor. Do it.says twilight but,says shinging. No buts.says twlight ok only for u twlight.says shinging armor,
Twilight and Cadance ladybug dance S03E12

Shinging armor and twlight do lady bugs awake

lady bugs awake clap ur hooves and do a little shake hhaahahhahah,says shinging armor and twlight at the same time. Suddenly cadence comes in the hall way where the kitchen is. Impressive,says cadence. Huh? Says shinging armor,
Princess Cadance cute expression S2E26

U did a pretty good job shinging

Cadence HOW MUCh DID U SEE?!?!?! Says shinging armor.
Fake Cadance 'See I look' S2E26
the whole thing I must say u did a pretty good job I really liked the do a little shake part hahah,says cadence. I agree,says twlight haha. Alright u can past. It's ok twlight I don't feel very Hun any more.says shinging atmor. And slowly walks away with his hooves clopping on the floor oh shing.says cadence. I'm going to change.[[File:Cadance_slams_the_door_on_Spike's_face_S5E10.png|thumb] cadence gallops to her room and changes
Chrysalis as Cadance looking at mirror S2E26
Twlight goes to her room to and laughs her way in the room and gently closed the door and starts to read.
Twilight opens the books EG2

-- Twlight it's time to go to school! Says Twlight's mom and dad. Ok mom ok dad! Yells twlight. They jump up on the cab and the gallopers gallop s to the school and twlight jumps off the cab and gallops to school stay tuned for book 2