.....twlight jumps off the cab and yells bye mom bYE DAD! And walks into school. Ur late! Says miss cheerlee.

chapter 2 the test
Cheerilee ID S2E17

d Hooves Day images

]] sorry miss cheerlee I forgot about school and was reading my favorite book hearts and hoofs day is a giant book,says twlight. It's ok says miss kids we are now going to take a quiz so take out ur books and paper.said miss cheerlee, spl twlight!! Says moon dancer.
Filly Moon Dancer "I read ahead" S5E12
Spp WHAT?!!?! Says twlight.
Filly Twilight "But according to this book" S5E12
Filly Twilight "and I'm sure it said sodium chloride first" S5E12
what is the answer to 2 times 2?,says moon dancer. I'm sure it's 4.says twlight. Ok,says moon dancer. Twlight.says star
Filly Twilight "you're supposed to add the sodium chloride first" S5E12
Amethyst Star filly ID S5E12

what star?says twlight. What's...?says star 200.says twlight

im pretty sure its 100 twlight.says twinkle shine.
Filly Twilight "But according to this book" S5E12
Twinkleshine filly ID S5E12
test is over class time to grade! Says miss cheerlee.
Lemon Hearts filly ID S5E12
hey look I got my head and maane stuck in this bottle! Lol says,lemon hearts.
Minuette Filly ID S05E12
I'm pretty sure I'll pass,says minuette.
Twinkleshine filly ID S5E12
ok keep calm keep calm twinkle shine.says twinkle shine.
Filly Twilight scared S1E23
ok ok ok I didn't finish miss cheerlee,says twlight. But miss cheerlee doesn't hear twlight twlight twinkle shine and minuette passed,says miss cheerlee. Yay SAYS twlight.
Filly Twilight YES!!! S01E23


Chapter 3 u got it! Meanwhile rainbow dash was a filly to and fluttershy got bullied around and rainbow dash helped her
Filly Rainbow Dash 'In history, maybe' S1E23
hey rainbow crash I race ya with my friend.says the bully. Be the fastest mare or brony win break a leg,said rainbow dash
Filly Fluttershy with a checkered flag S1E23
(in low voice) ready set go!.said flutershy.
Filly Fluttershy covered by the pennant S1E23
then rainbow dash and the bullies race down clouds dale rainbow dash goes down so fast! That she makes a sonic boom!
Filly Rainbow Dash's flank shining S1E23

here's me doing my first sonic rainboom!

the bullies go so slow and rainbow dash nearly looks like a single bleer zoom boom crash!! Lots of things happen at once let me tell u about rarity.chapter 4 my horns going crazy! Rarity is at her first thread store when she's a filly
Filly Rarity working at a sewing machine S1E23
Suddenly rarity's horn lights up. What in the hay is going on?!says rarity.
Filly Rarity's horn glowing S1E23
Then rarity's horn takes her all day and night to this rocky place and there is a lot of Crysteals there therefore rarity starts cutting them all day
Filly Rarity shocked S1E23

i can't believe you would even use that!