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    So since people are getting mad at how comments are getting deleted so this is my Random page. Discuss anything below :) Oh yeah. Cake for everyone who comments Oh yeah also leave comments related to this page. Which is for random stuff Plus Sly came up with this idea. Or at. Least he says so. His avatar is Sly Cooper! I just made the page Oh yeah also. Nobel Peace Prizes For EVERYONE

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    Over the years of Friendship is Magic people has been debating over the nature of Cutie Marks. So come my friends. I will take you through my Thoughts Theories and Mind of Destiny.


    My thought of a CM is simple. In the 12 episode of the first season. It is supposed to define a Passion or Special talent. Though my thought is a CM is NOT supposed to define a destiny if it IS your special talent. The Passion however is a theory so lets move on.


    Now this one is the hard one. For a passion it Does represent your Destiny. Follow my logic. If you had a passion, like art and you were really good at it, when you grow up you might become an artist. The CM do NOT exactly represent your Destiny however. It is a well Hypnotizer. … Read more >
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    The Main Question

    April 2, 2013 by Crazzi

    Okay it is now time to settle the question every Brony and Pegasister asks them selves in this Fandom : Why the Buck am I so obsessed with this show. Everyone ask a diffrent question though that is one of the Main reasons. Now take my hand my friends. I will bring you through the thick and thin as we discover the answer Between our Main Question I will be doing one everyday

    The most endearing reason a lot of people like. This. Show are the Main characters. To make this not seem like a raking I will go in the appearance in the show.

    Twilight Sparkle An Alicorn Princess that used to be a unicorn from canterlot castle. She is as the first episode states. The main Protagnist of our show. She is talented in the fields of magic and can some times…

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    April request month

    April 2, 2013 by Crazzi

    Ok. Im ready. I decided to do something. Request month. From April 1 through May 2 I will take request. Reviews thoughts wonders anything really.

    If you request something it will look like this

    Review: requested by: User653

    Okai here are the rules. You can only ask twice

    Okay bye ask the request over night and I will see them in the morning. But I will do one now.

    Theme for this week Episode Reviews

    Rules for this weeks theme. Both episodes have to be written by that Same Writer

    Two partners are one episode

    Okay and that's it.

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    Ok so lets do this. As many of you know and don't care about I used to write under the pen name of Krazzi. Well guess what I just got an account. Lets do this.

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