The Main Question

Okay it is now time to settle the question every Brony and Pegasister asks them selves in this Fandom : Why the Buck am I so obsessed with this show. Everyone ask a diffrent question though that is one of the Main reasons. Now take my hand my friends. I will bring you through the thick and thin as we discover the answer Between our Main Question I will be doing one everyday

The Main 7

The most endearing reason a lot of people like. This. Show are the Main characters. To make this not seem like a raking I will go in the appearance in the show.

Twilight Sparkle An Alicorn Princess that used to be a unicorn from canterlot castle.

She is as the first episode states. The main Protagnist of our show. She is talented in the fields of magic and can some times be a little OP. She is the very studious one of the 7. She improves her self every way to her mentor Princess Celestia. She is the one who has been doing a lot of development over the series. In season 1 she was a social misfit. The second one she was just a good friend. In season 3 she became a leader. She represents the element of Magic which for some reason is a Crown
Twilight shining bright S3E13

Element of Magic. Huh yeah. You mad. you MAD!


As Twilight's assistant and best friend Spike is pretty awesome. His personality usually shifts each episode for us to sort of find him as A bipolar Characther. He usually is the Wise one and knows how to see a mistake when he does. He has a nice arc about his more Dragonish traits going on that is really interesting. I can't wait to see where his Characther is going now.
Spike holds a blue gem S1E19

Just Awesome just yeah


Next we have AJ the hard working one. Working hard is her game. She is extremely dependable to everyone. Though she can be a little stubborn at times. She is the most family oriented of the 7. She is extremely honest. Speaking of honest, did I mention she represents the Element of Honesty. She will not be good at lying though. A the end of the day AJ is a strong hardworking honest and dependable pony
Applejack smiling S3E8

Now that is the face

Rainbow Dash

Watch out for the explosion of AWESOMENESS. Now you know you are 20% cooler if you know this one. Rainbow Dash is the one that breaks the sound barrier. You would have to be teleporting if you can keep up with her. Now this one has the best dreams. Ever since she was a little filly she has dreamed of joining the Wonderbolts. And she will never stop until she is one. Now THAT is loyalty to your dreams. Speaking of Loyalty. She also represents. The element of Loyalty.
Rainbow Dash Wonderbolt fantasy cropped S1E3

20% cooler in Ten Seconds Flat


Now we come to the resident Genorusity herself. Rarity is the dress artist of the group. The needle is her brush and the fabric is her canvas. Many of the high Canterlot elite visit her boutique for new outfits. She is going to be there for her friends and isn't afraid to get her hooves dirty. Now representing Genorusity is not going to be easy. She mad 5 dresses free if charge for her friends in one day. Now that is Genourusity.
Rarity happy S1E19

Element of Genorousity


Now we come to the element of Kindness. Fluttershy is the obvious shy one of the 7, but the mysterious one of them all in my opinion. She can be shy, motherly or just scared. She is the one with most signature lines like the Yay line. But she is one to care for animals. She does know how to raise her volume and be aggressive a lot for the people she cares about. She is the element of kindness after all. But when she snaps then you run.
Fluttershy trotting CROPPED S2E7

So adorable

Pinkie Pie

Last but certainly not least we have the act of randomness Pinkie Pie. She is though one that most now for the fourth wall breaker. She definitely is the cartoonish one of the 7 and is very random. She does sing an usual song. She know everyone and loves to throw party's. She does represent the Element of Laughter. She does love to Laugh. Party Canon!
Pinkie Pie fed them bottles S2E13

Party Canon