Over the years of Friendship is Magic people has been debating over the nature of Cutie Marks. So come my friends. I will take you through my Thoughts Theories and Mind of Destiny.


 My thought of a CM is simple. In the 12 episode of the first season. It is supposed to define a Passion or Special talent. Though my thought is a CM is NOT supposed to define a destiny if it IS your special talent. The Passion however is a theory so lets move on.


  Now this one is the hard one. For a passion it Does represent your Destiny. Follow my logic. If you had a passion, like art and you were really good at it, when you grow up you might become an artist. The CM do NOT exactly represent your Destiny however. It is a well Hypnotizer. It tricks you into thinking it is your special talent then you find out it is your passion and BOOM now it is your Destiny. As I remember the Famous philosopher Jon Lauk ( I hope I spelled that write) said, we all start as a blank sleet. Or in the shows case a blank flank and our expirences determine the path we choose. Good or Bad. Harmonious or Chaotic. We as pony, dragon, boy , girl human, Or static figure, we will always develop by the choices of our life 


  Okay I know what you are thinking. Hey Mind is the same as the Theory. And yes it is, but I'm going to talk about something that hurts my mind. In the season 3 finale the main 7 ( minus Spike and Twilight)Sang it has to be there destiny and its what there CM is telling them and what they are singing to the fans. Now this is bringing up the speculation, Are the mane 6 Passion or Talent? This is pretty hard to wrap my mind around. So I came to my conclusion, The mane 6 CM represent there ELEMENTS. You have to watch the Cutie Mark Chronicles to under stand this. If you already did watch it let me explain.

Fluttershy was Kind to the animals and discovered her talent with animals. Applejack was Honest to herself and discovered her passion on working the Farm. Rarity used the Charity in her heart and discovered her talent for gems. Twilight expressed she had Magical abilities and discovered her talent in magic. Pinkie discovered the joy of Laughing and smiles and became an party expert Rainbow Dash was Loyal to Fluttershy and discovered her passion for racing. If you have any arguments with my mind please comment down below


 The Cutie Mark is diffrent to everyone and is the most hardest plot to ever tackle. This is Crazzi signing off again!