Well well well. Another day for another review. Now because I forgot to write out last week's episode review, I'll slam that on to this week's episode. So, let's get this on. Shall we? Or should I say, no shall we?

28 Pranks Later was in order to teach Rainbow Dash not to pull off many pranks to her friends and the rest of Ponyville. But while the episode does pull off the neat tricks, it doesn't help the fact that Rainbow Dash pranks the heck out of Fluttershy, when in Griffon the Brush Off, Pinkie Pie tells Rainbow Dash not to. So what happened? Did Rainbow Dash forget that Fluttershy is sensitive? Or is she a real jerk? I can taste the latter option.

But I did love her prank on replacing the real sewing machine with a fake sewing machine made of cake, because SCREW RARITY! Sorry, I had to pull out my Equestrian voice.

Anyways, Rainbow Dash makes some cookies that make your mouth Rainbow color. Unfortunately, they pull the biggest prank on Rainbow Dash after she hands them the cookies: they turn into zombies. The Trotting Dead confirmed to be canon. PONIES the Anthology II saw the future. In fact, Spike saw the future before that video was made! Therefore, the episode is the Illuminati.

But because every episode has to end in a good note because My Little Pony is a girl show, they all reveal it was a prank. The ending, though, was the worst part of this episode.

Now onto the next episode. Oh dear where do we begin? Oh yeah. The Times They Are a Changeling. The episode name doesn't seem appealing.

Now normally I would expect a Spike episode to be at least good. But I've notice a couple of hiccups. First, Thorax saves Spike from a ravine, not once, BUT TWICE. Are these scriptwriters dumb enough to repeat the same thing? Also, why does Twilight always had to be rude when it comes to her subjects making new friends. She did this in No Second Prances with Trixie, where I was like...bleh, the episode was, uh bleh.

Anyways, more hiccups is Spike trying to get everyone in love with Thorax. But the thing fails after Thorax meets Flurry Heart. Seriously, Cadance should never, ever ever, have a baby. If that wasn't the case, Thorax would remain a pony, but because we need a plot-convenient episode in order to change Spike's character, it happened. Seriously, she could've taken his position as Dragon Lord, but instead he, uh, joins his friends and makes friends with a changeling.

Also, song. Need I say more?

Now I know I have been acting a bit cranky these day, and I have. Also, I won't be here next Saturday for technical reasons. Now my first year of high school is starting up later on, so if you don't see a blog, you know why.

Now here's my review:

28 Pranks Later:
Writing: 8/10
Character: 6/10
Comedy: 7/10
Replay value: 7/10
No-Rarity: 0/10

Final score: 8/10

The Times They Are a Changeling:
Writing: 7/10
Character: 5/10
Comedy: 8/10
Replay value: 5/10
No-Rarity: 0/10 (seriously, Rarity had to be in this episode?)
Song: 7/10

Final score: 7/10