"On the third day, when the moon reaches its peak in the night sky, the gateway will close. And once it does, it will be another thirty moons before you will be able to use it to return."
— Princess Luna

Now hold up! What actually are moons? Well, it's just moons, right? Wrong. I'm going to be sharing you my discoveries on how moons actually work.

Before we get started, let's talk about Equestria Girls. The 3 films is basically Hasbro selling more toys with this film, only...badly. Here we have the normal Mane 6, but another set of the Mane 6, but in their human form. Now going through the process, we know that Luna tells Twilight it will be another 30 moons before she can be able to come back. But how do moons work? Let's take the data from the first film and inject it to my theory.

On the first day after she entered the portal, the moon was at least not that high. The second day moon wasn't shown at all, but we can assume that it moved. However, the third and final moon is very important. Because that's the day where the moon finally reaches its peak and closes the portal for good. Now, since Twilight stayed for 3 days, that would mean Twilight had 3 days, and 3 moons. It's a big deal.

So, after that, Twilight returns home, defeats some plunderseeds, sacrifices the Elements of Harmony, gets a chest, has to go through Friendship challenges to get their keys, opens it, and boom goes the Castle of well as the end of the Golden Oak Library. The next movie, Rainbow Rocks, takes place after the events of the 4th season. This is important, because Rainbow Rocks takes place after Equestria Girls by 6 moons. Now we run to a serious problem. Because the moon measurement isn't enough for 26 episodes. So, we need the power of math to solve this issue.

So let's round them up again:

  • Twilight stays for 3 days
  • Luna tell her that she needs to return before 3 moons

We need to determine the amount of days in the pony world, and I think I got it. If we were to combine 3 and 3, this will guaranteed 9 days in the pony world. Wow. That is why when Twilight returns, her friends and the princesses were worried about her. Now, let's talk about the 6 moon period between the first and second movies. If 6 moons is multiplied by 6 days, we get 36 days in the pony world. Math is the power to everything. What about the time when Luna said "it will be another 30 moons to return" quote? Well, 30 moons times 30 days will bring us to 900 days in the pony world. And just for fun, what is an entire year in the human world converted to pony standards? That will be 133,225 days in the pony world, 133,956 if we're talking about leap years. That's 365/366 years for now on.

So basically, the human world goes much faster as the pony world. That's how the moon measurement works. It's a understanding for: the amount of moons there will be. So I cracked the case. The human world moves faster than the pony world.