Hello everyone, this is the Koopa Bros (Creeperfan), and today I'm going to ruin friendships forever...again. I'm diving into the episode list and find the worst critter ever...again. Today, I'll be counting down the worst My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Episodes, this time with season 5. Because of this, some episodes will be kept, some will be higher or lower, or some of them are remove altogether.

"Hey Koopa Bros, why not update your previous list?"

Listen, not to be an dummy, but updating the list feel so...bland. I want to go ahead and make another blog instead of updating it. So there is a reason why I'm making another blog on this topic.

But enough chit-chatting. Let's "Smash" right in!


Spike "my honor and my duty" S03E09

Spike at Your Service

Oh, wow! This episode is still on my list. As I mentioned before, Spike-related episode makes Spike's character dull. But you know what, I have a bigger gripe when it comes to this episode. And it really pisses me off. Applejack has bad character. We see Applejack trying to keep Spike from being his master, but what she should've done was to trap the doggoine dragon instead of counting on the Mane 6 to do the job. Then Applejack tell the Mane 6 to reenact a timberwolf's attack. Does that solve the problem? No! Then finally Spike lets her go. It should've been easy on that! In conclusion, this episode is bad, not only because Spike is dull once again, but the fact is that Applejack is worst background pony. I'm not joking.


Last time we were here, the episode that was originally here was Baby Cakes. Now with this list, I wanted to pull out this episode because of the fact that this episode can be remorse for how bad it is and just have it as a honorable mention. Let's just say that Baby Cakes made it #13 because of Made in Manehattan

Applejack on stage talking to the audience S5E16

Made in Manehattan

Oh geez. Why is this on the list. Well guess what. It's boring. Very boring. I have to ask, the most exciting parts was Applejack fixing the park and the Midsummer Theatre Revival. But all of that between is boring exposition. Come on, I like the part where Applejack has to fix the park. But what about something exciting? I'm glad Coco Pommel is back, but this episode need more exciting thing with it. If we're going to talk about some exposition, please make it better. But the friendship lesson fares no better. The friendship lesson is making a small contribution can make a big difference. Well guess what. This makes no sense to friendship. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic episode usually have a friendship lesson...DONE. But this doesn't seems like a friendship lesson at all. It's a bad lesson. And quite frankly, that's the reason why it's on this list.


Last time we were here, the episode that was originally here was The Cutie Pox. With Season 5, The Cutie Pox got kicked to #11 for What About Discord?

Discord "no matter how hard we try" S5E22

What About Discord?

Neal Dusedau, please make a better episode next time. This episode doesn't fare well with Make New Friends but Keep Discord. It starts out with Twilight reorganizing some books, blah blah blah...and then Discord arrives with Rainbow Dash, who finds Discord's joke funny. Then Twilight realizes that all of her friends finds Discord funny from his jokes. She tells all of them to recreate the events that lead to them laughing at Discord's joke, but fails to recreate it, leading to Twilight trying to save her friends from Discord's "spell", which, by the way, are not under his spell.

Oh-whoa-oh, oh-whoa-oh
You didn't know that you fell
Oh-whoa-oh, oh-whoa-oh
Now that you're not under our spell

Yeah. Not under his spell. In the end, this episode isn't good, and that's why it's on the list. Neal Dusedau, please stop making bad episodes! I really hate to say this, but you really need to approve your writing.


Last time we were here, the episode that was originally here was A Bird in the Hoof. I explained that this episode had no purpose and was also boring. But I kicked it out to #12 in favor of the #1 episode in my original worst list, Sweet and Elite.

Canterlot speaks about Rarity S2E9

Sweet and Elite

So why is this still on the list, yet it's lower now? This episode still make me want to crack. And that's what so wrong of this episode. It's still on getting popular. I not sure why, but yeah, it's still on getting popular. But not only that, but I find everypony's expression dull in this episode. That's why it still on this list. But hey, the song with this episode & the fact that Season 5 got more bad episodes made it lower though.


Cutie Mark Crusaders song S1E18

The Show Stoppers

This episode and Dragon Quest had swapped position. We still have the same problems as mentioned before, but I mentioned why these two swap position down below.


Spike looking at dragons S2E21

Dragon Quest

And the reason why Dragon Quest now made it higher, is because the same problems exist, but the main reason why is because the episode has it own share of problem.

  • The character seem very dull. It make me cringe that Garble and his teenager gang act like real teenagers, but don't have the ability to have any screen-time at all. They don't have any development along with them.
  • The episode feels rushed. I find it hard to say, but if DHX had a way to make episode longer, I would appreciate that. I really want to see more of that Spike traveling with the Dragon Migration, and longer. But the episode doesn't delivered what I requested.

So yeah, higher on the list.


Last time we were here, the episode that was originally here was Apple Family Reunion. I had to move it to #15 because of the fact that many people defended the idea that this episode was about slavery. Instead, I would like to point out that The One Where Pinkie Pie Knows made it on #4.

Pinkie feeling pressured by her friends S5E19

The One Where Pinkie Pie Knows

Beside its continuity with The Crystalling, the rest of the episode feels like a nightmare. We have Pinkie Pie trying to hide a secret from the rest of the Mane 6 about Cadance & Shining Armor new baby. And yet somehow, this episode came out worst. Not only was Pinkie Pie dull in this episode, and the fact that she had to hear the news that Cadance was having a baby (which is totally bad, considering she's a party pony), but the friendship lesson was placed in the beginning of this episode. Why did you move the friendship lesson to the beginning? All episode I known had a friendship lesson at the end. But with Gillian M. Berrow's first episode, she place it at the beginning, knowing that the rest of the episode would be garbage. Thanks a lot, Gillian.


Spike in the spotlight S4E24

Equestria Games

(clap) (seriously) (fh2)

That's the emotes I have to say for this episode. I've already mention the horribleness of this episode. No need to talk about anything.

Oh, and it's still on #3.


Last time we were here, the episode that was originally here was Filli Vanilli. After looking at it carefully, I found out that this episode wasn't as bad as it could've been, so I dropped it off on #14. In fact, after seeing this, Slice of Life deserves #2.

Ponies go flying from the DJ station S5E9

Slice of Life

Sure. This is the 100th episode I'm talking about. It makes perfect sense to have Derpy talking for once since The Last Roundup. However, other than that, the fact that Sweetie Drops belongs to a secret agency, and how the entire episode is on a wedding, where everyone have to get ready, dissatisfying. I wanted to see Derpy and Dr. Hooves go back in time. Instead, Dr. Hooves has to go ahead and get his suit tailored. Since Sweetie Drops belongs to a secret agency, she should be battling the bugbear. Instead, she's hiding from society, afraid that her identity would be revealed. Also, I find the conversation between Matilda and Steven Magnet to be boring and cringe-worthy. Finally, we have the musical duel between DJ Pon-3 and Octavia Melody. That last one was in fact, the only reason why it made #2, because it was the only thing that was awesome. The rest of episode, though, why? The fact that it was made by M. A. Larson is just...awkward. I would consider this the weakest episode made from him. It's a shame as well, as he's no longer making any MLP episodes forever. So, the bottom line, quality over ponies. That's our lesson here.


Last time we were here, the episode that was originally here was Sweet and Elite. We already mention how this episode ended up to #7, so let's go ahead and see what's the worst episode ever.

Let's see...*checks list*...oh no. No. No, no, no, no! This can't be!


Spike facing an angry mob of delegates S5E10

Princess Spike

No surprise here. This is worst episode ever. Neal Dusedau, why does your episodes suck? Almost every brony hates this episode. Spike was EXTREMELY dull and boring in this episode. Just look! He's using Princess Twilight's name to grant him access to a massage or a painting of him. Besides that, delegates are now canon? What is this? The United States of America? Also, Spike tries to stop the ponies from making any sounds to allow Twilight to sleep, and he makes it worst, which is not what I wanted. Twilight can sleep fine without any sounds bothering her. Why have Spike do the job of stopping ponies from making any sounds?! And by the cliffhanger where Spike sneezes on the statue, Neal intended to have this to confuse more bronies. This does not feel like the Spike episode I wanted. So after watching this episode, I wish that Neal Dusedau does not make another episode of MLP ever. I would consider him, the worst writer ever. Just look at this! Out of 3 of the 13 people who voted, 10 of them voted on Neal. Seriously, I'm done ranting with Neal. If he makes another episode, I will explode in agony.

So many of you are going to say, "Hey! That episode was good!" Well it's MY personal Top 10, so if you didn't like me list, feel free to tell me what episodes you hated, and hopefully I tell you my top 10 episode soon. But anyways, this is The Koopa Bros (Creeperfan) signing out! Goodbye!