Hello. This is the Koopa Bros (Creeperfan), and this is not a normal blog. I'm here to talk about a issue I'm currently have to go through. I'll tell you the story.

You see, the latest Smash Bros DLC comes out tomorrow, and my friend was suppose to send me a $20 eShop Card. However, he redeemed it. So I starting complaining, and he told me he would give me a $10 eShop Card. A $10 eShop Card?! Come on. I cannot obtain Corrin nor Bayonetta at the same time, and even if I did on one system, that would cost me another $10 plus another $10 just for the Mii Fighter costume. I dealt with this issue before back in October, but now we're dealing with newer DLC. And that my friends promised to hand me the second $10 on February 19. And that's 17 days away, plus the added fact that everyone will use those characters.

What I am saying is that I'm going through hard times. It's getting painful, not to mentioned that most people on the chat don't want to hand me a $10 eShop Card. I am stuck here again at limbo. And I'm not able to get out.

Well, that's the end of my story. Also with this blogs comes My Little Adventures. Sadly, because of The MLP Song War Game getting in the way, I'm going to release the next episode after the game ends. Speaking of that, the game will come at 6am/7am. If not, 5pm/6pm. Thanks for reading.