Hello guys. This is the Koopa Bros (Creeperfan). I've always change my avatar to something fresh and simple, and usually, that's easy. In the past, I used a Spike + Rarity avatar, a Creeper, Perry the Platypus, Phineas, AVGN, Spike, and most recently Yoshi.

Now I run to a big problem: I have too many avatars right now. Most of these are Spike, but others are The Koopa Bros themselves. I need a new one by April 16, 2016, but there are too many of them. So I need some decision from you guy so that I can use that avatar until May 3, 2016.

I have selected 12 avatars to be on this list, however this game is very different than the other ones I made, because you're given no clue on what the avatar you pick will be. So, to decide, choose a number in the poll below:

What avatar should he use?
21 - 3
23 - 2
25 - 1
26 - 2
28 - 1
30 - 3
31 - 1
39 - 1
48 - 2
50 - 8
58 - 1
59 - 1

Thanks for voting. Now I promised you to show my new avatar, so:

Here it is: