I normally don't rant on blogs this much, but I got to address this: I hate Rarity. She's of course my least favorite Mane 6. And with Hasbro add her in every episode, it's becoming less fun to see her make dresses, and more irritating that we got another Rarity episode. And the last episode before the hiatus is yet another Pinkie and Rarity episode. Can we stop with the "Rarity"s? Is that what Hasbro wanted? To have more Rarity?

That's not cool. Back in the days of MLP, Rarity was a generally casual character. I love the shipping between her and Spike, and how dramatic she can be. Rarity Takes Manehattan was a great Rarity episode, but the Rarity episodes we get after that becomes too lame and less funny. From the start of the second half of MLP to the last Saturday of September, Rarity's the one to shine. I normally didn't take this for granted, as Canterlot Boutique was a good episode. The next episode Rarity Investigates! however, we saw the same boutique and the same lady from the previous episode. It's gets worse though. Made in Manehattan made me hate Rarity more than Applejack in this episode. We get Coco Pommel again. Seriously? Do we need another episode on this? And why is this "so-called" map takes both Applejack and Rarity to Manehattan? We went there several times. We don't need this again. And the friendship lesson wasn't even understandably a friendship lesson, but a lesson about communities. I love communities, but this is a show about friendship. Isn't communities a friendship? Are we supposed to send our girls to work in communities? And it seems too similar to the friendship lessons to Slice of Life & Princess Spike. And those were terrible episode, being Slice of Life having more references to other shows that kids won't understand, and Princess Spike having Spike be...Spike.

Now moving on to The Gift of the Maud Pie, it was an average episode, and I really liked the part where Maud Pie got Pinkie's cannon back. The only thing I hate is the fact that they added Rarity just to promote The Saddle Row Review. And The Saddle Row Review was somewhat lazy and boring. I've seen some episode copying an idea from another episode in the same show, but place it in different locations. This is worst offender of that. Rarity opens another boutique. Oh come on! Do we need to have another boutique from Rarity? And it's from Manehattan! Ugh! Not only that, but it was dialogue drama here. We had dialogue all over the place. That's really a shame. Seriously Hasbro, you really need to calm down the focus of Rarity here. It's getting out of hand with all of these boutiques, and I really think you should focus on another character next season. Maybe Fluttershy, or even Spike should have that honor. We shouldn't have Rarity all around. But in the end, I'm comparing Hillary Clinton. Good day.

The Saddle Row Review: 0.2/10