Welcome to the first round of the MLP Episode Tournament. Right now, there are currently 8 episodes in stake. We need to determine the winner of each episodes, and determine the loser of each one.

First off, we have Friendship is Magic Part 1 and Part 2. These two episode introduced us to MLP for the very first time, with the characters, derp face, and the elements, we gotten our selves into this little girls show. The hardest question is: which part did you think was better?

MLP:ET Round 1 Matchup #1: Season 1 Premiere
Friendship is Magic Part 1 - 1
Friendship is Magic Part 2 - 20

Next, we have The Ticket Master and Applebuck Season. In the first episode, Twilight gets super annoyed at her friends when they tried to get her extra ticket, while in the latter one, Applejack refuses to allow her friends to help her. So, do you vote for unwilling-to-share Twilight or unwilling-to-help Applejack?

MLP:ET Round 1 Matchup #2: Unwilling-to-share or unwilling-to-help?
The Ticket Master - 14
Applebuck Season - 8

In our next matchup, Griffon the Brush Off and Boast Busters are our next participants. Both episode deals with an antagonist, who is either rude, or just trying to be popular. Glida was completely rude in Griffon the Brush Off, and nearly tried to rip Pinkie Pie until Rainbow Dash showed up. In Boast Busters, Trixie only wanted one thing: popularity. In this episode, she lies about defeating an Ursa Major, which causes attention from Snips and Snails. However, when the trio unleashes an Ursa Minor, Trixie cannot easily defeat it until Twilight showed up. So what do you perfer: A rude griffon or a lying pony?

MLP:ET Round 1 Matchup #3: Rude or Lying?
Griffon the Brush Off - 18
Boast Busters - 4

Finally, we have Dragonshy and Look Before You Sleep on this list. In Dragonshy, Fluttershy is forced along with her friends to go up on a steep mountain, where a dragon lies. Meanwhile, Look Before You Sleep is all about sleepovers. So, do you prefer to climb up to a mountain or sleepover on Saturdays?

MLP:ET Round 1 Matchup #3: Favorite hobbies?
Dragonshy - 5
Look Before You Sleep - 17

Thanks for voting! Next round will always come Saturday, so don't miss your chance!

MLP Episode Tournament
1: 3/19-23/16 · 2: 3/26-30/16 · 3: 4/2-6/16 · 4: 4/9-13/16 · 5: 4/23-27/16
6: 5/1-4/16 · 7: 5/7-11/16 · 8: 5/14-18/16 · 9: 5/21-25/16 · 10: 5/28-6/1/16
11: 6/4-8/16 · 12: 6/11-15/16

*Schedules are set to change