Welcome to the second round of the MLP Episode Tournament. Yeah, yeah. I know that this was a bit early for an round (besides that, it's currently Friday here), but because Wikia uses UTC, it's now Saturday, so it technically counts. Right now, there are currently 8 episodes in stake. We need to determine the winner of each episodes, and determine the loser of each one.

First, we have Bridle Gossip and Swarm of the Century. They both involve crazy phenomenons like having the Poison joke or having a swarm of parasprites. They also have Zecora in both of them, so do you perfer Zecora finding a cure for poison joke or a swarm of parasprites?

MLP:ET Round 2 Matchup #1: Zecora cure
Bridle Gossip - 9
Swarm of the Century - 2

Next up is Winter Wrap Up and Call of the Cutie. Winter Wrap Up centers on Twilight as she tries to help wrap up winter in multiple stuff, such as ski-shaking to break the ice, or waking up plenty of animals in time for spring. In Call of the Cutie, the center is Apple Bloom, and she tries to get her cutie mark in multiple stuff as well. So, who was better at trying to succeed? Twilight or Apple Bloom?

MLP:ET Round 2 Matchup #2: The "Better at Trying" Award
Winter Wrap Up - 4
Call of the Cutie - 7

Now, up next we have Fall Weather Friends and Suited For Success. Fall Weather Friends is Rainbow Dash and Applejack being too competitive. Suited For Success is Rarity being too distress. So are you too competitive or just flat out distress?

MLP:ET Round 2 Matchup #3: Competitive or Distress
Fall Weather Friends - 7
Suited For Success - 4

Finally, Feeling Pinkie Keen and Sonic Rainboom are the last ones out there. Feeling Pinkie Keen revolves around Twilight trying to figure out Pinkie's Pinkie Sense, but fails multiple times and just flat out admits it. Sonic Rainboom is where Rainbow Dash has to prove herself against Rarity in the Best Young Flyer competition with her own sonic rainboom. So take a chance here. Do you like figuring out things, or proving yourself that you can do it?

MLP:ET Round 2 Matchup #4: Figuring or Proving
Feeling Pinkie Keen - 4
Sonic Rainboom - 7

Thanks for voting! Next round will always come Saturday, so don't miss your chance!

MLP Episode Tournament
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6: 5/1-4/16 · 7: 5/7-11/16 · 8: 5/14-18/16 · 9: 5/21-25/16 · 10: 5/28-6/1/16
11: 6/4-8/16 · 12: 6/11-15/16

*Schedules are set to change