Welcome to the third round of the MLP Episode Tournament. Right now, there are currently 8 episodes in stake. We need to determine the winner of each episodes, and determine the loser of each one.

First in our matchup list, we got Stare Master and The Show Stoppers. Both episodes feature the CMC, and in both episode, they each want to earn their cutie mark in something, like in Stare Master, they tried creature catching, carpentering, coal mining, chicken herding, cottage cleaning, and chicken rescuing (Man, that's too many Cs), and in The Show Stoppers, they tried pig feeding, taffy making, hair styling, card playing, climbing rocks, diving, and performing. No matter what they do, they won't get it, but both episode play out differently, where in Stare Master, Fluttershy saves the CMC from a cockatrice, and in The Show Stoppers, the CMC prepare their musical note. So, do you prefer saving something or preparing for something?

MLP:ET Round 3 Matchup #1: Saving or Preparing
Stare Master - 12
The Show Stoppers - 2

Scrolling down, we have A Dog and Pony Show and Green Isn't Your Color. In A Dog and Pony Show, Rarity is kidnapped by a group called the Diamond Dogs, and it's Spike's duty to save her. In Green Isn't Your Color, Twilight is influenced by Pinkie Pie to not share out secrets, such as Fluttershy and Rarity dropping out, or Spike's crush on Rarity. So, it's seems to me that both episodes contain Spike and Rarity, while also featuring Fluttershy and Twilight. So, do you want to be Spike saving Rarity from the Diamond Dogs or Spike telling Twilight to hide a secret?

MLP:ET Round 3 Matchup #2: Saving Rarity or Hiding Secrets
A Dog and Pony Show - 11
Green Isn't Your Color - 3

The next pair is going to be a tough one. Over a Barrel and A Bird in the Hoof do NOT have any similarities in them. Sure, Over a Barrel is about a fuss between a totally-not-stereotype Buffalo tribe and Appleloosa, owned by cowponies, but what does it have in common with A Bird in the Hoof? Nothing. A Bird in the Hoof is about Fluttershy stealing Celestia's pet, and that causes Twilight to go insane. Well, I don't really know how these two compare together, so do you like Over a Barrel or A Bird in the Hoof? Also, make sure you tell me how are they comparable in the comment section below.

MLP:ET Round 3 Matchup #3: Over a Barrel or A Bird in the Hoof
Over a Barrel - 10
A Bird in the Hoof - 4

The final two is also a tough one when comparing, but I think I can solve this. The Cutie Mark Chronicles tells the story on how the Mane 6 got their cutie marks, and in Owl's Well That Ends Well, Spike goes jealous over a new owl pet Twilight got. When I think about them, they both seem a bit tough when comparing, but I think that The Cutie Mark Chronicles is all about connections, and Owl's Well That Ends Well is also about connections, because Twilight said she wouldn't never disconnect from him. So, what connection episodes do you like?

MLP:ET Round 3 Matchup #4: Connection
The Cutie Mark Chronicles - 14
Owl's Well That Ends Well - 0

Thanks for voting! Next round will always come Saturday, so don't miss your chance!

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