Welcome to the fifth round of the MLP Episode Tournament. Right now, there are currently 8 episodes in stake. We need to determine the winner of each episodes, and determine the loser of each one.

First on our list is May the Best Pet Win! and The Mysterious Mare Do Well. In May the Best Pet Win!, Rainbow Dash struggles to find the perfect pet, and decides to hold a competition to find what pet she wants. In The Mysterious Mare Do Well, Rainbow Dash struggles when a new superhero comes in and take her spot. They both feature Rainbow Dash, so which one would be best?

MLP:ET Round 5 Matchup #1: Struggling Rainbow Dash
May the Best Pet Win! - 12
The Mysterious Mare Do Well - 6

The next one is focused on Rarity and Spike; that being said Sweet and Elite is Rarity trying to live up Canterlot style before Twilight's birthday and Secret of My Excess is Spike trying to get more stuff for his birthday. So, is Rarity clear, or is Spike the demon?

MLP:ET Round 5 Matchup #2: Rarity or Spike
Sweet and Elite - 8
Secret of My Excess - 10

On the next 2 episode, we are greeted with Hearth's Warming Eve and Family Appreciation Day. In Hearth's Warming Eve, the Mane 6 retell the story on how Equestria was made. In Family Appreciation Day, Apple Bloom tries to stop Granny Smith from going to the family appreciation day, only to discover that Granny Smith did play a part in Ponyville's history. These episode tells us on how this area was created, so do you like the creation of Equestria or Ponyville?

MLP:ET Round 5 Matchup #3: Creation of Equestria or Creation of Ponyville
Hearth's Warming Eve - 8
Family Appreciation Day - 10

Lastly comes Baby Cakes and The Last Roundup. Ouch, I can't compare these two...uh...leave it in the comments on how these two episodes compare and contrast. Baby Cakes is just babies running around... Yeah...that is just...boring? (spikeward). And The Last Roundup is...about...Applejack running...away? Okay, comparison wise, I think I'm running to a problem here, so...which one do you prefer?

MLP:ET Round 5 Matchup #4: Baby Cakes or The Last Roundup?
Baby Cakes - 3
The Last Roundup - 15

Thanks for voting! Next round will always come Saturday, so don't miss your chance!

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