"I'm so sorry if I entered your house without permission," I said, before backing away from her.
However, without a doubt, she used her magic wand to turn me into something slimy. Wait...did she turn me to a frog?!
"Look at you, you little frog!," she said. "Now, get outta here before I turn you to something worst."
"But, I was wondering if you know about that potion. The potion where I had Flashbac...," I said, before she interrupted and said, "Ah yes, yes. That was the Memory Potion. I heard it give flashbacks to the one who aren't curious."
"Then who's flashback were they?" I asked.
"Oh. They were some friend of mine, now get out, I don't you, you slimy frog!" she rudely said.
"But I want to know what your friend is. Who is he?" I asked.
"Look, I don't have the answers to your question. If you wanna find out, you should head to the left path. That path will surely help you find your friend," she remarked.
"Fine," I said, "but can you please change me back to a human?"
"Humans don't exist, buddy. I change you back to a pony, but you better not come back to my hut!" she shouted.
So I was soon given back my pony form. When I got out of the witch's hut, I went to the left path. Unfortunately, it was also getting dark. Should I find shelter in a cave to keep myself warm or should I continue. I doubt continuing on the path since I smell something...timberwolf-ish...

What should he do?
Find a shelter - 2
Continue on - 2 (chose by Creeperfan)

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