"Eh. I'll let you play the story. Just make it quick," I sarcastically said.
"Okay. There once was a goddess named Zion..."

Zion was a magical creature that crossed the land of Equestria. She would normally visit Princess Celestia and Luna, but it's her task to figure out what went wrong. Zion, however, did several things wrong herself.
One day, Zion wanted to crack down on a case that involved two arguing towns. However, when she tried to amend peace to the towns, the towns had enough and started a war known as the Cowdetown-Giddyuptown War. The war lasted 17 years until it was declared stalemate. The two towns still have a heated argument, but it's very unlikely to see them reunited as one another.
Another case involved Zion exploring deep into the underworlds of Equestria to find a lost girl. Unfortunately, that was the case that ended Zion's life and her goal to solve. She was struck by an unidentified monster and was history...
Now everything is now under danger. Zion death made it tough to handle, so Princess Celestia started looking for someone to replace her...

"...and I think that's why you're here. You're the chosen one," she said.
"Okay, is this a Star Wars movie where everyone is ponies, or is there a mistake?" I asked. " did you know all that information?"
"Book," she said.
I took a moment of silence, before finally saying, "Oh. Anyways, I don't see anything wrong here."
"But this is Cowdetown," she remarked. "You know what's happening here."
"Oh, right. Uh...anyways, thanks for the information. I got to go...," I stated, before leaving the scene.
"But I thought you would help us reunite our towns!" she shouted.
"Sorry. But thank you for saying that information!" I replied.
Man, man, man. I finally left Cowdetown. You know, this Cowboy thing is getting on my nerves. So I find the door I entered, and returned to the Parkour area. Before I can use the key on that lock, a man comes up to me and said, "You shouldn't escaped you know..."
"Who are you?" I asked.
The man laughed at me. "Listen, little pony," he said, "I am watching you, and if you think you can go back here for all of this, you're wrong."
"Why?" I said.
"Look around you, boy," the man said.
I looked around. I saw even more doors with more locks and chests. There was about 5 of them.
"Hahahahaha! Anyways, if you come back here once again, you'll suffer the consequences of me. Don't cheat the game. Chose only one door," he said.
Before I had a chance to reason with him, he disappeared. But there was 5 doors, locks, and chest to try. What will I have to choose?

What do you want him to unlock?
Lock #1 - 1
Door #2 - 0
Lock #2 - 0
Chest #2 - 0
Door #3 - 0
Lock #3 - 1
Chest #3 - 0
Door #4 - 0
Lock #4 - 2
Chest #4 - 0
Door #5 - 0
Lock #5 - 4
Chest #5 - 0

Thanks for voting!

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