Hello everyone, this is Mr. Creeperfan, and today I'm going to count to 10 today, as I dive into the episode list and find the best critters ever. Today, I'll be counting down the best My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Episodes. Note that season 5 will not be included. Since the season's not over yet, I want to only cover season 1 to 4 since I can't review future episodes in Season 5 as of 11/3/15. So let's dive in!


Twilight talks with Twilight S2E20

It's About Time

It's about time we got into a good episode for once. I thought of having Lesson Zero instead on this list, but come to think of it, that should be an honorable mention, as this episode totally explodes the entire fandom. We seen episodes that relates to only the present and past, and now a future self of Twilight totally makes this a cake of it's own. As the episode progresses, Twilight starts to become her future self, as seen with the paper-cut, Spike's flame, a flower pot, the sun, and finally the bush the ruined Twilight's Solid Snake dress. Yeah, it definitively from Metal Gear Solid. Afterwards, she decides to go back in time, and tell her past self to not worry at all. Unfortunately, the time spell ends before Twilight finishes her dialog, thus repeating in a infinite loop, and quite honestly, I don't know how many time they did that. In fact, who made this? Lemme see...M. A. Larson?! Well thanks M. A. Larson!!!!!!!!


Flutterbat in the moonlight S4E07


Bats! This episode is great! In the episode, Applejack starts her Apple Bucking Day. Why is it Apple Bucking Day? Why not Applebuck Season? That was from season 1. If the scriptwriters listen to me for once, they could fix this error and change Apple Bucking Day to Applebuck Season. So as we know, Applejack find vampire fruit bats in her orchard, leading up to the Mane 6 to solve the problem. They finally decide to stop the bats, which leads to the Bats song. Trust me, this song is awesome, and I do know they're going to make a song based on this song. After a while, they count on Fluttershy to stop the bats, but ultimately leads to Flutterbat. Wow. I do hope I see her again.


CMC meeting with Diamond Tiara S2E23

Ponyville Confidential

Hello! I'm Gabby Gums, and today I'm going to give me review on Ponyville Confidential! Now seriously, the Cutie Mark Crusaders tried to get their cutie marks in news reports, which isn't their true talent...obviously. The CMC then decides to do gossips for Diamond Tiara, until Ponyville finally knows who's gossiping them, ultimately rejects them. They want to quit the job, but Diamond Tiara flats out blackmails them. Oh boy...I hope no blackmailing happens again, right? Right? So in the end, the CMC apologize to Ponyville. Lesson learned: Never gossip. Now that I think about it, who would exactly wrote this? Why of course!!! It's M. A. Larson!!!


Meeting Cherry Jubilee S02E14

The Last Roundup

DAMN!! Element of honesty everyone! Seriously, not only does Applejack become a liar, but Derpy finally speaks! We could see that again in "a future episode". So After all of that, Applejack works with Cherry Jubilee after failing the rodeo competition. It's seems like this episode was testing with Applejack and her honest beliefs. We would see that in a future episode: Leap of Faith, where it also test Applejack's element of honest. Both episode works good, but I think The Last Roundup compares much better than Leap of Faith.


Spike grown up S2E10

Secret of My Excess

You know, I don't like Spike episode. As mention before, whenever there's a Spike episode, his character is usually dull, except this episode. It's Spike's birthday, and he ask for more gift, making him greedy. As he continues to do so, he grows into a gigantic dragon that tears Ponyville. After all of that mess, Spike finally realized that being generous is better than being greedy, which makes this a great Spike episode than the other ones. But guess who wrote this? Let me take a guess. Once you're finished think about it, open the SPOILERS tab and I'll tell you:


M. A Larson. So what? Is he going to haunt the brony fandom for years after that princess issue? If I see another M. A. Larson-written episode, I'll kill myself.


Rainbow Dash shows her cutie mark S01E23

The Cutie Mark Chronicles

Okay...this episode tell the story on how Applejack, Fluttershy, Rarity, Twilight, Pinkie Pie, and Rainbow Dash got their cutie marks. It's a great episode, but can you guess who wrote the episode this time? Magical Alicorn Larson, also known as M. A. Larson. Dear god, I need to kill know what, forget it. I still hate Larson.


Zecora S01E09

Bridle Gossip

She's a witch! This episode is a witch! Zecora is a witch! Nah, I'm kidding. This episode involves the Mane 6 getting inflicted with poison joke. They purposely blame Zecora for this and sees her at her hut. When they finally confront her, they make a total mess to her hut and ruin the cure for poison joke. Speaking of poison joke, here are the ponies I have on the list:

  • Twilight Flopple - Famously for having a floppy horn
  • Spitty Pie - The only pony who can spit
  • Rainbow Crash - Because we haven't made that joke before, right?!
  • Hairity - 7.8 out of 10: Too much hair!!!
  • Apple Teeny - The smallest pony ever lived!
  • Flutterguy - The only mare who has a male voice

Oh man. That was good. So good.


Statue of Discord cracking S2E01 Discord, "First changes of Ponyville" S02E02

The Return of Harmony Part 1 & Part 2

Oh for goodness sake, yet another M. A. Larson-written episode. Thankfully, it's the last one, and good time to end it since I'm reviewing a 2-part episode. And this time, the Mane 6 are send out to find the Elements of Harmony after Discord, a new villain triggered by the CMC, hid all of them. Eventually, Discord hypnotizes Applejack to be a lier, Pinkie Pie to be a grump, Rarity to be a greedy beast, Fluttershy to be a jerk, and finally Rainbow Dash to be a traitor. After that, Discord finally tell the Mane 6 that's it's in Twilight's library the whole time. After a brutal fight with the Mane 6, Twilight obtains the elements and uses it on Discord only to find out that:

A. Rainbow Dash is missing
B. The elements won't work with the corrupted ponies

Eventually, the Mane 6 splits up and Twilight is left without no friends. Losing hope, she decides to leave Ponyville until Spike send her previous friendship reports, which she read, and realized that her friends are important. She then goes around Ponyville, using a memory spell to show how important they are to the rest of the Mane 6, and then finally, we see Discord's butt kicked. Well at least until season 3. This episode make it high on the list, because of Discord and his funny scenes, like drink the glass instead of the chocolate milk, makes it that funny. And the cool thing is that Celestia actually knew Discord would make her lose her beliefs on friendship, so she decides to send her friendship reports to revive her beliefs. It's a great episode, and it surely be remembered as an episode that started it's passion on the fandom.


A lot of Pinkie clones S3E03

Too Many Pinkie Pies

Season 3 was lacking. With only 3 great episodes, season 3 wasn't appealing to me. You may remember that Spike at Your Service & Apple Family Reunion got on my worst list. The characters for both Spike & Applejack were both dull. The only good episode of season 3 were Keep Calm and Flutter On, Magical Mystery Cure, and Too Many Pinkie Pies. This episode is seriously funny. Pinkie Pie wants to go ahead and enjoy time with Rainbow Dash, while helping Applejack with making a barn. Why? Is her barn that old? Anyways, she calls up to the Mirror Pond to clone herself. But then Fluttershy ask Pinkie Pie to join a picnic, which causes the clone Pinkie to feel worried. So they decided to clone themselves to create more clones, but since Pinkie Pie's purpose is to have fun, the clones clone themselves and create more clones. This should've been called this episode, "Attack of the Pinkie Pies". So after screwing up Fluttershy's, Rainbow Dash's, and Applejack's day, Twilight and Spike find how to stop the Pinkie Pie clones. They bring all the Pinkie Pies into Town Hall, and made them stare at a wall with paint drying. After a bunch of Pinkie Pie sent back to the pond (including a Pinkie Pie who changes her face to G3. Who made this...lemme see...Dave Polsky. Thank god it's not M. A. Larson), the real Pinkie Pie finally shows up, and realized that she only need to do one thing at a time. This could've been at 1st if was'll see.

This was the first My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic episode I ever watched. And guess what? I liked it!


Alright, we're here at #1! Do you want to see what at #1? Go ahead. It doesn't matter. Just open the goddamn tab:


Twilight, Celestia, Luna, and Cadance on the balcony S4E25 Twilight and Tirek face-to-face S4E26

Twilight's Kingdom - Part 1 & Part 2

Yep! Out of The Return of Harmony and Too Many Pinkie Pies, this is the best episode I ever saw. The episode involve Princes Twilight finding her role as a princess. Suddenly, we find out that Tirek, an creature who has the ability to drain magic, has escaped from Tartarus a location mentioned in It's About Time, which featured the Cerberus, one of the guards in Tartarus, which coincides with Tirek's escape, and the Bugbear's escape for the episode Slice of Life, which was written by M. A. Larson. Oh my god, do I have to say his name several time?! So, Celestia tell Twilight that she'll send in Discord to take Tirek on his own, only to have Discord serve as Tirek's "apprentice" as he continues to steal magic from ponies. In the end, Cadance, Luna, and Celestia give up their magic to Twilight, as Tirek doesn't know of a fourth princess. Unfortunately, they should read Rule #29 of Keeping Secrets:

"Rule #29: You must not show your secrets to the public. They can see you, and if they do, they know what secrets you have. For example, you have to keep Princess Twilight a secret, but in the results, you displayed her in a stained glass window, and now someone evil knows about her. Remember, keep all secrets safe!"

Yeah...I made that up. But anyways, Tirek now know there's a fourth princess just by looking at the stain glass window. He then finds the Mane 6 (excluding Twilight) and Tirek steals their magic. Tirek then performs Rule #68 of Being Evil:

"Rule #68: If you are teamed up with someone, betray them! They want to take advantage of you, so you must teach them never to do that. For example, Discord is being a jerk to you. What do you do? Suck up their magic!! If you do that, you're a evil dude!"

Okay...maybe I was going offensive a bit. Then Tirek finally finds Twilight, they end up in a destructive battle, one that destroyed the Golden Oak Library. #RIPGoldenOakLibrary. In the end, Twilight finds her key, the Mane 6 opened the chest, and Boom! Tirek is defeated! Boom! The magic is restored to the ponies! Boom! Twilight's castle appears. So it was a good episode. And the songs...oh...this is so good! You'll Play Your Part? A genius; Twilight doesn't even know what her purpose is? Let the Rainbow Remind You? A great song to Twilight's new castle. And that is why Twilight's Kingdom takes the #1 place.

So many of you are going to say, "Hey! That episode was bad!" Well it's my personal Top 10, so if you didn't like my list, feel free to tell me what episodes you liked. But anyways, this is Creeperfan signing out! Goodbye!