Hello everyone, this is Mr. Creeperfan, and today I'm going to ruin friendships forever. I'm diving into the episode list and find the worst critter ever. Today, I'll be counting down the worst My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Episodes. Note that season 5 will NOT be included. Since the season's not over yet, I want to ONLY cover season 1 to 4 since I can't review future episodes in Season 5 as of 10/15/15. So let's dive in!


Spike "my honor and my duty" S03E09

Spike at Your Service

Now I don't usually like Spike episode. I mean, Spike is a good guy, but finding him in a Spike-related episode makes him dull. Which is the reason why Spike at Your Service is on this list. Seriously, I mean it. Spike is off from doing his usual chores in the Golden Oak Library, and honestly, he gets himself into trouble as usual (getting surrounded by timberwolfs). Then Applejack saves his life, and now Spike treats her as a queen, and he must serve him for the rest of his life, which is explain in his "Dragon Code". And then he does save her life for being killed by a timberwolf, which leads to Applejack saying to avoid situation. when you almost got killed by a timberwolf! However, I would say this isn't a bad Spike episode. But oh...just wait. More Spike episodes are on the way...


Pinkie Pie as a pig S2E13

Baby Cakes

Did you ever babysit before? If you say no, good, because babysitting suck! This episode primarily shows how baby ponies are idiots. It starts out with the two babies, Pound Cake and Pumpkin Cake being born, then after a month, Pinkie Pie sings their "one month anniversary song". It's not even a song, why include it? Maybe because MOST OF PINKIE PIE'S SONGS ARE SUPER SHORT!! What are you going tell me next? A Friend in Deed has more short songs? Then after that, the Cakes had to do an catering order and ask someone to babysit the babies until they decide on Pinkie Pie to do the job. For Celestia sake, she's literally available when you found out you had to do an order! It isn't over yet. Because after that, the babies cry. That's it. Gotta entertain the babies for the rest of the episode. The most annoying part though is this song: Piggy Dance. Yeah, another short song. It also really annoying since this is a parody of an actually song, the Chicken Dance. This is a terrible parody, and I hope the person who wrote this underst...wait...who wrote this. Lemme see...CHARLOTTE FULLERTON?! Didn't she made May the Best Pet Win!? That was a good episode, and she made a bad episode for once? ¡Qué lata! Qué lata,


Picture of the pony with cutie pox S02E06

The Cutie Pox

As usual, it's a Cutie Mark Crusaders episode, looking for their talents...up until season 5. Now seriously, this episode isn't appealing to me. I mean Amy Keating Rogers written this, so why is it bad? Here's the story: After failing to get their cutie marks at bowling, Apple Bloom loses hope. She's being a jerk. She refuses to recognize Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle. After that, she wondered to the Everfree Forest and meets Zecora. From there, Apple Bloom makes a potion to give her cutie mark. That is an actual shame that she got her cutie mark early. No one in the show does that. They have to wait until time to get their cutie marks, not get it early. I mean, Amy Rogers did wrote Crusaders of the Lost Ark, so why is this high? Because no one in the main cast know what Cutie Pox is. Applejack, Spike, Apple Bloom, and Twilight are two dumb animals; better get the animal expert to get them smart. In fact, all the ponies in Ponyville know the Cutie Pox! This episode is seriously bad, and I have to be honest, the funny scene save this from getting too high on this list.


Fluttershy holding Philomena S01E22

A Bird in the Hoof

Can I ask you one question? Good. Why does this episode exist? Oh's because it's useless. Now seriously, I need to tell you one thing: This episode has no purpose. I mean, it has a friendship lesson, I guess, but why are you showing a character that isn't going to appear in future episode? I mean, Rarity's dress to the Gala was shown outside of Carousel Boutique for the first time, but what is the purpose in this episode? I have no idea. So are we going to see more of Philomena? Because this episode has no purpose whatsoever. It's also really boring. Very boring.


Spike looking at dragons S2E21

Dragon Quest

Another Spike episode strikes again. Now seriously, this time Spike wants to know if he's a real dragon. So he follows the dragon migration and ends up in the Badlands (I think so...). Anyways, Spike meet Garble and a group of teenagers dragons. They're typical teenagers. So what? Are they going to smo...nevermind. Anyways, they tell Spike all sorts of thing to see if he's a real dragon. Spike fails every time, until he falls into lava, which is ineffective. Spike joins the herd, and decides to raid a Phoenix's nest, which Philomena is (DHX, if you can hear me, please bring back Philomena). Anyways, then Spike keeps the egg, and decides that his friends are family. Oh wah! He was born in a egg that Twilight hatched!


Cutie Mark Crusaders song S1E18

The Show Stoppers

As if The Cutie Pox wasn't enough, this has a purpose to be bad. The CMC now have a clubhouse, and during that period, they do a montage on them failing. Yeah. So then they join the talent show, and the CMC has to make their costumes, props, and of course, their song. After all of that, the talent show starts, and when the CMC got up to the stage, guess what we got...Cutie Mark Crusaders Song. Yeah. This wasn't bad, it was intentionally bad. But what got this so high is that this episode has no lessons about it. The CMC obliviously believes that their true talent is comedy. And yet, this episode has no friendship lesson. You know what? This is the worst CMC episode ever.


Photo album 0 (Family picture) S3E8

Apple Family Reunion

Finally! We get to see an episode entirely on the Apple family? How neat indeed, until Applejack ruins it. Yes, this episode sucks because of Applejack. She's telling her family to sew with sewing machine, race on a seven-legged course and do an obstacle course, and make more Apple fritters. This episode treat the rest of the Apple family, except Applejack, as a complete slave! Of course slavery is outlawed in the US, at least thanks to the 13th Amendment, but someone at Hasbro didn't even care about it. Look before you write an episode. That will definitely save this episode from being this high. But hey, Raise This Barn did save it from getting to the Top 3, speaking of...


Spike in the spotlight S4E24

Equestria Games

Of course! Another Spike episode. Seriously, I hate episode that seems to be promising, but then have it focus on one character only. That what this episode is all about. And haven't we learned about stage fright before? That's right, it's the same goddamn episode as Hurricane Fluttershy only with a different lesson. I cannot believe this exist. Come on, a Spike episode! I want to see Rainbow Dash and her team compete against the Wonderbolts! I want to see The CMC do their performance for Ponyville! All that hype was for a Spike episode. Good job Hasbro.


Fluttershy and Ponytones big finish S4E14

Filli Vanilli

Oh god. Oh no. We're getting to crappy stuff here. This is Filli Vanilli, a reference to Milli Vanilli, which I heard from The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3, which is owned by DHX Media, who made My Little Pony Friendship is Magic. Oh god, we created an infinite loop. Anyways, this episode seriously is a clone of another episode I already talked about! Why? WHY?! And if that wasn't enough, the songs just kills know what...forget it. It's a bad episode.


Oh snap, we gotten to number one. Do you want to see what lies ahead of you? Want to? Go find out:


Canterlot speaks about Rarity S2E9

Sweet and Elite

Dun Dun Dun! It's Sweet and Elite! Seriously I mean it. Sweet and Elite is a terrible excuse for an episode. It's just getting popular. It's seriously stupid. This doesn't change the fact that Rarity is a dull character in this episode, but the crew who didn't understand what this episode was suppose to mean. This is a bad episode, and it takes the number #1 spot.

So many of you are going to say, "HEY!!! THAT EPISODE WAS GOOD!" Well it's MY personal Top 10, so if you didn't like me list, feel free to tell me what episodes you hated, and hopefully I tell you my top 10 episode soon. But anyways, this is Creeperfan signing out! Goodbye!