Hello everyone, this is Mr. Creeperfan, and today I'm...I'm being weird. Today, we're diving into the episode list and find the weirdest episodes ever. Today, I'll be counting down the weirdest My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic episodes. Only Top 3. Not 10. Why? Not all MLP episodes are weird, so making a Top 10 list with episodes that AREN'T weird is pretty bland. That being said, season 5 WILL be included on this list.


Power Ponies the day is saved S4E06

Power Ponies

Why is this on my list? It's very weird in my standards. Seeing the Mane 6 turn into superheroes was MIND-BLOWNING. But on the other hand, It's also very strange. What with the Mane-iac's name? Is it a pun on Mane and Maniac? Seem so, but what about the personas that the Mane 6 get stuck with? Saddle Rager? Fili-Second? Masked Matter-Horn? Who came up with these names? And who wrote this? Meghan McCarthy, Charlotte Fullerton, and Betsy McGowen. Man, that's a lot of writers there. And even more strange is how in the world did the Mane 6 and Spike gets suck up into a comic like that? What, did the comic said: "Screw you guys, go into my pages and learn to be better ponies next time!"? I'm seriously going strange. Literally. I have to stop.


Maud Pie with Gummy biting on her tail S4E18

Maud Pie

Bad pun time! Can I ask you a question? What does metamorphic means? I know! To meta..."morph it"! Hahahahahahaha!!! Come on! Maybe you should just "rock" it. Hahahahahahaha!!! Okay, enough bad puns. This episode is mainly on Maud Pie, a character so interested in rocks. And rocks. And rocks. This is severely strange. Like how Maud Pie acts. She only thinks about rocks. And that's what she does. She likes looking at rocks, playing with rocks, making rock poems, making rock song, making rock rock, eating rocks, sleeping on rocks, having a rock wedding, being pregnant with rocks, having rock kids, having rock disease, and dying with rocks, where her coffin and gravestone are make guess it...ROCKS! Rainbow Rocks! Maud Pie Rocks! My Little Pony Rocks! Sorry, I officially gotten insane. Oh...dear Celestia. Today I learned about rocks.


Ooo...spoilers are ahead. Beware of the dangers. You'll never see My Little Pony the same again.


Princess Luna exerts her dream magic further S5E13

Do Princesses Dream of Magic Sheep?

This is on my list for a reason: This is the strangest episode I ever seen. So strange, it can build the Wall of China in just a few seconds. Like how Big Mac is a unicorn and he turns into a alicorn, or how Spike turns into his dream knight, Fluttershy becomes Flutterbat, and Rainbow Dash and Applejack become their Power Ponies personas, or how Scootaloo has big wings, or how Rainbow Dash hates those sunflowers in her nightmare, or how Twilight rebuild her library, or how Bon-Bon and Lyra become together, or even how Derpy is big. Derpy is big! Wow. I need to sleep.

So anyways, did you enjoy the list. tell me what's your Top 3 weirdest episodes, and I'll promise to bring the Top 10 Best Episodes soon. I promise. But anyways, this is Creeperfan signing out! Goodbye!