Hello everyone, this is Mr. Creeperfan, and today we're going to make Cupcakes while going to Gala to see the Cutie Mark Crusaders performing music. Today, we're diving into the song list and find the glorious songs ever. Today, I'll be counting down the best My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Season 1 songs.


MLP FiM Music You Got to Share, You Got to Care HD

MLP FiM Music You Got to Share, You Got to Care HD

You Got to Share, You Got to Care (Over a Barrel)

If we only had more Pinkie Pie, I'm sure we would have less short songs. Luckily, this one isn't that short. The main reason why this song is on this list is because there is a requirement to have Pinkie Pie be Pinkie Pie, while also tell both Appleloosa citizens to befriend the buffalo tribe. It backfired anyways, so I guess there is a reason why it's low on this list. But the main reason is because it's telling a friendship lesson. Not to mention Spike's piano technique. I'm wondering why Spike didn't even play the piano like last time...


MLP FiM Music Art of the Dress (The First Part) HD

MLP FiM Music Art of the Dress (The First Part) HD

Art of the Dress (Suited For Success)

Who doesn't like Rarity? I know who hate her. Suri Polomare, but that isn't related to Season 1, okay? Anyways, Rarity is making her friend's suit for the Gala, and how does she do it? She sings a song. This generally expresses Rarity's personally of generosity, her Element of Harmony. She's being influenced by her friends to make their Gala dress. But when her friends subjectively rejected, Rarity now has to remake it again with ANY influence. And we get that in the reprise. Rarity does not feel comfortable that her friend's new Gala dresses are safe. And here's some lyric seeing that Rarity has lost her spark:

Got to overcome intimidation
Remember, it's all in the presentation!

That's the reason why this song is on #4. It's influential on Rarity's generosity, and it's a great song.


MLP FiM Music Winter Wrap Up HD

MLP FiM Music Winter Wrap Up HD

Winter Wrap Up (Winter Wrap Up)

It's coincidentally that this song was named after an episode. But no doubt the weather or the sun, Winter Wrap Up is a all-time classic for all bronies. While this song is very catchy, the lyrics are also informative. When Mayor Mare told the ponies to get to their groups, we didn't have any explanation of which team does this or that. But after that scene, we get a song explain what these ponies do. Applejack and her team work to plant the crops, mainly:

Apples, carrots, celery stalks
Colorful flowers too

Yeah, that's what they plant. Although, you can't blame them since they're planting more Apple seeds, when there is a orchard fill with apples! Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie and their team mainly focus on the weather, while also bringing the southern birds home. Lastly, Rarity, Fluttershy, and their team work to wake up the animals from hibernation. Near the end of the song, Twilight wishes she could work on either team. It's a great song telling how Winter Wrap Up works, and how Twilight wants to be involved in it.


MLP FiM Music At The Gala HD

MLP FiM Music At The Gala HD

At the Gala (The Best Night Ever)

The Best Night Ever wasn't a great episode. While some favorite moments like FlutterRAGE, this episode has no purpose other than filling in the gap for the Grand Galloping Gala story arc. But the song that comes with it, is both awesome and neat. At the Gala was explaining what the ponies will do at the Gala again after 23 episode ago! But each refrain has their own instrumental. When Fluttershy and Applejack sings, the instrumental is normal. When Rarity sings, the instrumental sound like Rarity is a princess. When Rainbow Dash sings, the instrumental now has drums apparently. When Pinkie Pie sings, the instrumental is Pinkie Pie being Pinkie Pie. Finally, the instrumental returns to normal when Twilight sings. So each of their refrain has their own unique style when it comes to lyrics and instrumental to explain the Gala night again. But what I say is what I say. This song is amazing!


Dun! Dun! Dun! Last one. Well, better guess now, because spoilers are ahead for #1.

MLP FiM Music Pinkie Pie - Laughter Song HD

MLP FiM Music Pinkie Pie - Laughter Song HD

Laughter Song (Friendship is Magic, part 2)

If it wasn't for Pinkie Pie, this show wouldn't have bronies now, would there? Anyways, this is on #1, as this was the first song ever sung, and the first song by yours truly, Pinkie Pie. And for a good reason: This song explains Pinkie Pie's element of laughter better. Does anyone else thinks that the other girls expressing their element is better? Let me think...Applejack is honest that Twilight will survive the fall...Fluttershy tames the Manicore...Rarity gives Steven Magnet her tail to replace his mustache...Rainbow Dash rejects the Shadowbolts in favor of her friends...yeah, I'm guess Pinkie Pie is a better answer. And just to remove the creepy faces, Pinkie Pie begins to sing, and tell her friends that in order to end fear, they must laugh at it. And this is why this song is at number one.

So anyways, did you enjoy the list. tell me what's your favorite songs in Season 1. Comment down in the comments below. There won't be a Top 5 Worst Songs of Season 1, but they will be one for the remaining seasons. Mainly because most of them are Pinkie Pie songs. But anyways, this is Creeperfan signing out! Goodbye!