It's Poll Day! Before we start, I hope you enjoy your Christmas and a New Year. This month subject is: Worst character

Here are the list of characters in the poll:

Character Image
Spike: Being known as an idiot who wants to ruin everything Spike ID S4E24
Trixie: The "not-so-powerful" magician Trixie ID S3E05
Snips: He like cutting things. Snips talks to Spike ID S1E06
Flash Sentry: Twilight's "boyfriend" Flash Sentry ID S4E11

The winner of this month's Poll Day and the worst character ever is...

Snips talks to Spike ID S1E06

The character who didn't get voted as the worst character ever is...

Spike ID S4E24

Thanks for voting. And remember, I have a new game coming up on the worst things ever. Do you want to suggest competitors? Check my introduction blog here: User blog:Creeperfan/The Worst of the Bunch Introduction


Spike - 0

Trixie - 2

Snips - 13

Flash Sentry - 7


italic = lowest voted subject
bold = winner