Hello everyone. This is Mr. Creeperfan, and today I'm doing an analysis on Sunset Shimmer.

Ponyville Analysis

Welcome to Ponyville Analysis, a series of analysis based on characters, the show, and all other kind of things. Each blogs will be once a week, that is, every week will have a new blog. This week's topic is Sunset Shimmer. Ah yeah...the girl who once was a doormat, now a popular kid. Seriously, I mean it. When Sunset Shimmer was introduced, she was the school's bully. Now I not sure about you, but is Sunset Shimmer the only bully in Canterlot High School? No. Check out Player Piano. This short primarily focuses on Rarity's instrument for the upcoming movie. But why does it had to do with "Sunset is the only bully here"? Here's the answer: The Diamond Dogs. That may seem too obvious for some people, but let's explain anyways since I'm writing this stuff, and you don't. Yeah...back to the cake. When Rarity ask the Diamond Dogs to carry a piano to school, the dogs push threw the crowd of students just to get through, meaning the Diamond Dogs are also bad to the Diamond Dogs we see in A Dog and Pony Show. Not only that, but we do have an opportunity to see the Dazzlings as school bullies as well. Because they no longer have the power to sing, they may as well go the bully roots. We haven't seen them anyways in My Little Pony Equestria Girls: Friendship Games, probably due to the main shift focusing on Sci-Twi and her device and the Friendship Games, not Adagio or Aria or the girl who loves tacos. You get my point. So Sunset isn't the only bully, the Diamond Dogs and their behavior makes it false. The students, however, primarily focus on Sunset as a school bully, leaving the Diamond Dogs as a less known bully than Sunset. What about Snips and Snails? They might be as well be bullies as well. But that's not all, right? Okay, Let's dive into the harder stuff.

Throughout the first film, Sunset is a real moron to the school. She wants to win another Fall Formal, and let no one overthrow her. Sunset even threatens Twilight that her dog would be taken away. And that is seen near the end of the movie. Sunset orders Snips and Snails to steal Spike so that she could lure Twilight to the portal. And that's where the big mess comes in, because she transforms into a she-demon (What? Why is that called a "she-demon"? Oh. It's the teaser of Rainbow Rocks). After the Mane 6 defeat her, she feels sorry for her past mistakes. But the school doesn't take it seriously, which is explained in My Little Pony Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks. When Sunset wants to help the Cutie Mark Crusaders on their posters, they ultimately declined. And when Principal Celestia mentions the Fall Formal, everyone looks at her as a evil person. Then, when Sunset jumps towards Rainbow Dash to stop ponying-up, everyone cheers for her stopping the Rainbooms. Ouch. Luckily in the end, they defeat the Dazzlings, and everyone finally reconciles with Sunset. So why did it took so long for the school to accept Sunset? They needed proof. At the end of the film, Sunset ponys-up and helps the Rainbooms to defeat the Dazzlings. And that changes everyone's mind on Sunset, as we watch the scenes in the song Shine Like Rainbows. Everyone likes her now. But to do it, they needed proof that she was good. No one had accepted her after she apologize for the demon stuff. So finally, they accept her from saving everyone from the Dazzlings.

But now, how about My Past is Not Today and Friendship Games? They both have Sunset's "NEW" design. But why does Sunset change her appearance? To change what she was. If you watch My Past is Not Today, she speaks how she was originally was and now how she is. Here's part of the lyrics in the song:

When I began to fall
And I lost the path ahead
That's when your friendship found me
And it lifted me instead

That's her talking that she lost what she was. Back in the first film, she was a totally bully. Now she's talking about her past as that, and tells her what "found her": Friendship. That is what she now is. She now accepts friendship. Now what about Friendship Games? Sunset tells Princess Twilight that she doesn't understand how magic works in her world. However, with Sci-Twi taking the portal, and pony-ups randomly happening, she doesn't have an answer. And in The Science of Magic, Sunset doesn't even know how magic comes out when the Rainbooms play their instruments. So both the short and the film has something in common: Sunset is curious. She doesn't know anything about how magic works, which brings me to the end of the film. When Sunset grabs the device, she realizes the Sci-Twi/Midnight Sparkle is doing the same mistakes as her. So she show her the elements of magic: honesty, generosity, kindness, loyalty, and laughter. That's when she not only transforms into Daydream Shimmer, but a realization that sometimes, she doesn't need help from others.

So...we went from a school bully to a demon to a reformed student to a student who is being accepted by society to Daydream Shimmer. What is Sunset Shimmer's character then?


Curious and Neutral. She has a curious side when she needs to ask Twilight how does this work or that, and she has a neutral side when Sci-Twi messes up and she explodes in anger at her, or when Sunset threatens to steal Twilight's dog.

I hope you enjoy my analysis on Sunset Shimmer. Feel free to comment if I was wrong or right. But anyways, this is Creeperfan signing out. Goodbye!