So Season 5 is finished? Are you serious? Is this real? When does the next Season come out? Does this mean no more MLP? Of course not. Season 6 is on the way. It'll take a while until that comes out. But until then, time to review Season 5!


Mane six looking at the map S5E1

Season 5 mainly has great episodes that stands out for each other. The first of these episodes are The Cutie Map Part 1 and Part 2. They stand out because it was really good understanding about how equality really doesn't work. It's like communism, but 20% more worse. One thing that also came in this episode was the Cutie Map. It was a huge impact upon the MLP fandom. The map tells either Mane 6 to go to a specific place and solve friendship problems. With this, many possibility can happened: Twilight could be in Fillydelphia, Rainbow Dash would be in Las Pegasus, and more. Sadly, they only went to a few places. I'll explain that in my Cons section.

The Crusaders finally get their cutie marks S5E18

Other episode really drove me apart, like The Lost Treasure of Griffonstone, Slice of Life, The Hooffields and McColts, Hearthbreakers, Bloom & Gloom, and more. But Amending Fences, Crusaders of the Lost Mark, The Mane Attraction and Tanks for the Memories are the one I REALLY like. Amending Fences is not only written by M. A. Larson (Thanks Larson), but also really tell the story on Moon Dancer's party in the first episode, and how she felt afterwards. Then we have Crusaders of the Lost Mark, where not only did the Cutie Mark Crusaders reformed Diamond Tiara, they also finally obtained their cutie mark. We then move on to The Mane Attraction, and believe me, Coloratura (which by the way is voiced by guest star Lena Hall) has very nice character. She was a funky Lady Gaga ripoff to a nice character that she was as a filly, with help from best pony Applejack. By the way, Svengallop totally deserve a kick in the head for being mean. Finally we have Tanks for the Memories (which the title sadly isn't about the Fall Out Boy single. Thanks Cindy) where Rainbow Dash is dealing with the 5 stages of grief. We got Denial, where Rainbow Dash rejects that Tank needs to hibernate. Then we got Anger, where Rainbow Dash denies being angry about Tank. We then enter Bargaining, where Rainbow Dash tries her best to stop winter, and then we move on to Depression, where Rainbow Dash snaps out of it, and loses her mind. Finally we have Acceptance, and Rainbow Dash finally let's Tank go and hibernate. Those episode will be my main highlights for Season 5.

Starlight looking at Princess Twilight S5E25

And then comes the finale of Season 5. Not only did that episode used time travel, it also saw what would happen if the Mane 6 hadn't done this, like if they didn't stop King Sombra, he would start a war. This continues on and on, until finally Twilight convinces Starlight Glimmer that cutie marks or not, she can still make friends. So if she did stop the Rainboom, Equestria would fall, but finally Starlight steps down and becomes reformed. Aw yeah! Best season ever!

Main 5 singing "make a home she'll adore" S5E3

Also a pro in Season 5 was the songs! My favorites has to be Make This Castle A Home, In Our Town, Rules of Rarity, We'll Make Our Mark, The Magic Inside, and I'll Fly. Daniel Ingram deserves a cookie for best songs ever. The trend continues to grow, and we're just heading to the con zone. Oh dear.


Discord presenting an orange S5E22

While I said good stuff about Season 5, there's a few stuff that's going wrong. This season is mainly on Cutie Mark Magic. However, looking back at the episode, I don't see most of Season 5's episode to be mainly on that. We have The Cutie Map Part 1 and Part 2, Bloom & Gloom, Appleoosa's Most Wanted, Crusaders of the Lost Mark, The Mane Attraction (I guess, because Countess Coloratura cutie mark glows?), and The Cutie Re-Mark Part 1 and Part 2, and that's all the episode related to cutie marks. All the other episode don't even say it's about Cutie Mark Magic. So why is it the primary theme? I don't know. Maybe to sell more toys. *gasp* To sell more toys!!! Thanks Hasbro!!! I'm totally going to ahead and play my Apple Bloom with cutie mark doll for 10 dollars! Wonderful Hasbro, wonderful!!

Cutie marks coming down from above S5E1

Now remember when I talked about the map? Well, here's the thing. The map only sent the Mane 6 to 4 location, with one of them being a location we already saw! The map was not helpful doing the Season 5 finale as well. It just was standing there, doing nothing. Starlight only used the map for her own doings, so the map was only useless for the Mane 6, but useful for Starlight. That's just what I feel, and I think that Season 6 should have the Mane 6 go to more places next time.

Spike facing an angry mob of delegates S5E10

Then we have bad episodes. What About Discord? was a cliché episode that had Discord play practical jokes. I don't know if it was funny. Then we have Princess Spike, where Spike uses Twilight's position as princess and cause trouble all the way. It not even great, because it feels pretty awkward at time, and half of the time, most of the character were bland. It was a horrible episode. By the way, the writer of both episode (Neal Dusedau) needs to improve his skill, because I hate his episodes. If he is going to write Equestria Girls 4 or the Season 6 premiere or finale, then we're screwed.


My conclusion on Season 5 is very obvious. It's a good season. There were only a few cons there, but overall, the season was pretty great for me. This episode is placed at...

1. Season 4
2. Season 5 - SECOND PLACE!!
3. Season 2
4. Season 3
5. Season 1

Anyways, I hope you guy enjoyed Season 5 as I did. Do you have any review yourself? Share them out and I may even hold an Q&A session to answer most of Season 5. I hope you guys enjoyed my review, and I can't wait to see what Season 6 bring. But anyways, this is the Koopa Bros (Creeperfan) signing out. Goodbye!

Mane Six and ponies final crowd shot S5E26