To top off why I'm late with this review comes with several factors:

  • On the day the episode aired, I was off visiting a theme park that I will not disclose in order to save my location. After we finished visiting the park, I watched the episode on Netflix, which of course, I started watching before we left.
  • My mouse ran out of charge, so I had to recharge it (thank god for the rechargeable batteries). Until then, I couldn't do anything related to my computer until it was charged.
  • Storms. Need I say more?

Now with all of that aside, this episode...I don't know. It was exciting, but it was just a normal generic Daring Do episode that we saw 2 times already with Read It and Weep and Daring Don't, however with a twist. Here comes this Daring Do fan named Quibble Pants, who liked the first trilogy, but hated the later ones. So both Rainbow Dash and Quibble Pants argue on the validity of the Daring Do books. It's not like we had the same stuff on this wiki, eh? With that out of the way, Rainbow Dash and Quibble Pants gets kidnapped by Dr. Caballeron, which is different since we seen Ahuizotl as the main villain, but in this episode, he isn't visible.

So Quibble Pants thinks that this kidnapping is a Daring Do adventu-cation, where he thinks that everything that is going on is fake. That's how everyone felt when McJuggerNuggets was bullet-proof fake. Quibble and Dash escape from their so-called trap, and desperately tried to get home, but lead Caballeron to the temple. And if the temple was real, how come Quibble still denies this as fake? Only when Quibble almost got swallowed up by a monster did he realized it was real. In that case, Quibble might be the dumbest character ever, but he did allow Daring Do to get the Chicomoztoc temple's treasure.

I seriously don't know about this episode, but it was FANTASTIC that finally, after 12 episodes of non-stop Rarity, this is the FIRST time Rarity gets slapped in the face and does not appear in this episode. But we do get to see Rarity again next episode and then the episode after that. (fh2)

Overall, this episode is mixed, but with Rarity out of the picture, I can give my final analysis:

Writing: 6/10
Character: 5/10
Comedy: 7/10
Replay value: 4/10
No-Rarity: 10/10

Final score: 6/10