Alright, it's time to not be lazy right now.

Time to review The Cart Before the Ponies. Oh boy, where do we start. Oh, I know. Instant 0/10 for Rarity inclusion. Moving on.

Alright so this episode is all about a derby that the school ponies has to endure. Now, I'm not a big fan of derby, but having the CMC rejected with their ideas were stupid. I, personally, would agree that Scootaloo's ideas of making a chicken cart was hillaryious (no pun intended) and that I found Sweetie Belle's to be a bit tad.

Now, not saying that I hate Rainbow Dash, Applejack, and of course Rarity, rejecting the CMC would be a bad score on this episode. I'm talking about comedy-wise. Now, comedy is pretty average, but since the show is kind of cracking down on me, it's pretty noticeable that the comedy is not as great as I hoped for. The only time I cracked down was when Derpy won "Most Creative" ribbon. Seriously. DERP FACE WON MOST CREATIVE! Wow. I need to cool down/

On the other hand, we had another song in Season 6. But I doubt that it was good enough than Apple Bloom's first solo.

Now, writing this episode, I can tell that the story-makers were trying their best to make this episode great again. But I don't see the Donald Trump in it. It's not some bad writing, but I can tell that it wasn't the greatest.

I, myself, could not even write that much better. The main reason why I no longer do MLA was because the series was stressful. I completely burned out and could not continue the series much longer. Besides, my interest in politics really shaped the rest of my interest, and now my interest in My Little Pony has gone down from it's high points during Season 4 and 5 to a low point in Season 6. So I apologize if I'm going to be acting very rude.

Also I have some PasteBin content right here. Do note that the content right there is very cautious and inappropriate. So there. Slight warning. Take the risks or not.

Here is my final score:

Writing: 7/10
Character: 4/10
Comedy: 9/10 (thank you Derpy for that)
Replay value: 6/10
No-Rarity: 0/10

Final score: 7/10