Hey! Before we can begin, I want to know your response on this. Since we are drawing forward to the finals, I want to know if you liked this game or not. I'm not going to create another game like this, since it is very hard to find plenty of subject, but if you want, I will create a different kind of game. Let me know what game you want me to create, so I can find out.

Did you like the MLP Song War Game so far?

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With that outta the way, we will now return you to your regularly schedule blog:

Hello, everyone. This is the Koopa Bros (Creeperfan). Welcome back to the MLP Song War Game, or (MLP:SWG). Basically, you go ahead and write down in the comment section any song for that song to be saved. Right here, we have 12 songs on our agenda. With that being said, the first 8 songs will move on, while the 4 remaining songs are gone. Also, after saving a song, wait for exactly 30 minutes and for 2 more people to save their songs. Also, for now on, you now have to save a song four times before it becomes saved. That being said, here are the songs:

(NOTE: Reprises will not be included. This also applies to We'll Make Our Mark (Prelude) as while that song came before it's actual song, it's still a shorter version of that song. As such, it will not be included. Exceptions include Morning in Ponyville and Life in Equestria)

And that's all of them. Once we are finished with this round, Round 16 will start at the next evening hours (4pm-9pm EST). See you later!

Special thanks to Rallinale for helping me!

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