Hello, everyone. This is the Koopa Bros (Creeperfan). Welcome back to the MLP Song War Game, or (MLP:SWG).

I'm sorry if the last round was too long and very frustrating at the same time. Didn't knew you didn't like it.

Anyways, these two song were eliminated in Round 18. But I want to know this question: What song was better than the other? We'll answer that, by making you save a song 100 times. Besides that, if it doesn't go above that by 24 hours, we'll have to decide by the amount of votes. This is just a warm up for the biggest round coming up. However, you need to wait for 30 minutes and for 4 people to save. So, get ready, because it's about to come.

And that's it. Once we are finished with this round, Round 19c will start at Saturday, February 20 at 9AM EST. See you later!

Special thanks to Rallinale for helping me!

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