Hello. This is the Koopa Bros. This is a huge followup to my previously blog I made 1 week ago.

If you haven't seen it go right here. If you have, then read this: Applejack's "Day" Off was completely irregular.

Now not to be so ignorant on this episode, but it's completely bad enough that they already made too many damn Rarity episode. We had a Pinkie + Rarity episode, which was fine. We had a Rarity-combined Mane 6 episode, which was horrible with the damn jokes. And now we have a AJ + Rarity episode. Is it even better than Look Before You Sleep? Not close.

Seriously, this was just another AJ + Rarity episode. I expected some focus on Twilight and Spike, but Hasbro closes the fourth wall on me. Seriously?! Why do we still have this much Rarity? I swear, if Rarity appears in the next episode, via mention or background, Hasbro is going down (hopefully not, because Fluttershy is next. (smile))

Anyways, this episode was...idk. It was just another fashion vs county type episode like Look Before You Sleep and Simple Ways. Those two episode are comedy-gold, but this was comedy-bronze. Seriously, they wasted plenty of minutes on trying to fix a smoke pipe. A SMOKE PIPE?! And then it was Rarity vs Applejack. Not even funny anymore since we already had this several episodes ago. And those were funny. I preferred the old Rarity, where she did not had to open more locations to create an monopoly in Equestria. Seriously, her next location will be Fillydelphia or the Crystal Empire.

Aside from that, I relentlessly hated and liked this episode. Episode had a vast of funny stuff, but that's mixed up with the Rarity, Spike, and Twilight content, and although it fits well, personally, it does not match up like what I expected.

For this reason, I give this episode 8.4/10

Not that bad for a Rarity + AJ episode.