Oh my Celestia. It's only a few hours until history turns around and the entire My Little Pony fandom turns upside down and becomes even more suspense with action, drama, and...comedy? But that's not the point of this blog. Today, I'm going to explain my theories on today's episodes!

Theory #1

The first theory on today episode is that Starlight Glimmer would stop the Sonic Rainboom from happening. I know some people had suggested that back then, but how will she? I advised this like a diagram. SG is Starlight Glimmer, SR is Sonic Rainboom, and RD is obviously Rainbow Dash. Oh, I almost forgot that magic is displayed as this: ---, and that this: ____ is a wall.

Here is goes like this:

Diagram #1


The first diagram could be true. Starlight Glimmer would have used magic against Rainbow Dash. What magic could she used? The shield spell? The tickling spell? Whatever spell she uses is is mysterious to all of us.

Diagram #2


The second diagram could be Starlight Glimmer blocking Rainbow Dash's way of doing a Sonic Rainboom. She would grab a piece of wall and stall her from doing what she needs to do, thus causing all the Mane 6 to not have their cutie marks.

Diagram #3


The final diagram is very confusing for all of you, but if you do understand it, good job. If not, you have a problem. Basically, Starlight Glimmer is chasing Rainbow Dash down. It's like a chase scene, two people are chasing for something; one person is chasing for someone else, and the other is chasing that person. This is what it look like, except with Rainbow Dash chasing the Sonic Rainboom, and Starlight Glimmer using magic to chase Rainbow Dash. Yeah, Starlight will carry herself with magic and chase Rainbow Dash. But that's not possible! Look back to Baby Cakes: Pumpkin Cake was able to use her magic to make her fly. So it's no surprise to see Starlight doing the same thing.

Theory #2

Another theory is that Starlight will remove the Elements of Harmony from existence. Of course, we seen the Tree of Harmony before, so if Starlight Glimmer gets rid of the elements from the tree, Discord rules Equestria and his plunderseeds invades the Everfree Forest and beyond. It also inflicts this on the Mane 6. Without the elements, they can't have kindness, or loyalty, or even laughter for goodness sake! And what about the fate of Celestia and Luna? They might as well be bitter and lose their way. Even more is that Discord wouldn't be like he was before Keep Calm and Flutter On. So when Starlight Glimmer remove the elements, she inflicts this on not only the Tree of Harmony, but Celesia, Luna, Discord, and the Mane 6.

Theory #3

This next theory might burst your bubbles, but trust me. Remember the time where Matilda and Cranky had their wedding? What about the time where Pinkie and Rainbow Dash finally reforms Glida or the time Twilight and Fluttershy help the Hooffields and McColts to stop fighting and be friends? Or maybe the time where the CMC finally obtain their cutie marks? Get this: Starlight Glimmer would reverse everything from Season 5, and go back to the time where the Mane 6 where trapped in a cottage, waiting for them to join their side. She'll tell her former self that Fluttershy is lying about joining them, and if she did, all that is history. There wouldn't be a nice Glida, Moon Dancer, and Diamond Tiara, nor there wouldn't be an end to the Hooffields and McColt's feud. When Starlight Glimmer makes that one change, everything from Season 5 is gone.

Theory #4

The last theory is that Starlight will prohibit Twilight from ever going to Ponyville. She might break the carriage or convince Twilight that Ponyville is full of idiots, and there she goes. She might've never seen the Mane 6 at all. The real point is that Starlight had caused Nightmare Moon to succeed on keeping the night forever. So, this is a big breaking point. Starlight is reviving a villain. Even more, she even allowing Queen Chrysalis to absorb everypony's love, King Sombra to take the Crystal Empire, and Tirek to absorb everypony's magic. So Starlight Glimmer is going to revive villains! So by making Twilight stay in Canterlot will not only keep the antagonists, but also make the Elements of Harmony useless.


So anyways, what was your favorite theory? Answer that in the comments below. Hey, if you are reading this after the Season 5 finale, please don't say any of my theories were wrong or right. These are my theories, and I want to know what are your theories. Also leave it below. Anyways, this is the Koopa Bros (Creeperfan) signing out. Goodbye.