Warning: Wall of text.

Now I'm not usually one to complain, but getting the "Element" badges is absolutely ridiculous. You have to be on and post content to the wiki (I've contributed to the wiki at least once a day through comments and the like) 60 days in a row for the element of laughter. The problem? It'll reset if you just so happen to miss a day, even if you are sure you posted a comment on that day. Sweet Celestia, I've never had this much issue getting achievements on other websites, and the fact it resets instead of counting every day that you do contribute and because there is no clock in the website (I don't even know what timezone it uses), you can miss out on getting a badge just because you didn't post a comment or something to the site that particular day. To make matters worse, I think it only counts certain comments like on a page for the actual wiki, or contributions to the wiki like images and stuff. This wouldn't have been a problem before when I was contributing images to the wiki every day, but for some reason, I haven't been able to get past 20 in the EOL badge since last year. Could the admins maybe hear my pleas and change it a little, maybe make it only count the days you do contribute? Because this badge seems impossible to get otherwise.