When asked if I'd rather see Fluttershy with Braeburn or Big Mcintosh, I say neither because I am not a fan of shipping, especially "straight" shipping.

This is a club dedicated to saying No to all the pairings out there, or just a few. What pairings are we talking about?

SoarinDash (Soarin x Rainbow Dash)

TwilightSentry/TwiBrad (Twilight Sparkle x Flash Sentry/Brad)

FlutterMac (Fluttershy x Big Mcintosh)

Flutterburn (Fluttershy x Braeburn)

Fluttercord-(Fluttershy x Discord-oh wait, that's actually not that bad)

Sparity (Spike x Rarity)

So join, and let us fight the injustices of shipping together! And feel free to post your opinions on these particular ships in the comments below. -uses giant pointer finger to point down-