You guys probably saw this coming from a mile away. You know how I feel about people trash talking Rainbow Dash, but I don't generally feel this way towards Angel Bunny, who is very similar to Rainbow only a bit more aggressive and short fused.

I happen to have anger issues IRL and it's not something that's easy to control, that's probably why even at her lowest, I will always support Rainbow Dash because I can relate to her. But that's not the topic for today.

Today's topic is Angel Bunny. Aka:  The most horribly abused character in the show's run. Seriously, I haven't seen a single artist out there that treats Angel with any dignity. He's always getting beaten up, used as a frisbee, called "The Spawn of Satan" and let me ask you this: Does he deserve this treatment?

Is Angel Bunny truly the worst character in MLP?

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You thought Spike got the short end of the stick? Well he does, but only in the show itself. In the fandom, there is no character more reviled than Angel Bunny. I've seen him on the top of many "Worst character" lists mainly from Fluttershy fans. Notice they're also quick to forgive Fluttershy for being a jerk to her friends (most commonly Rarity, Rainbow Dash, and Pinkie Pie). At the same time, we have people who hate him just because he exists and isn't a female. No. Really. Angel is the butt of many cruel jokes in the brony fandom. I thought we were all about Love and Tolerate not Hate and Revile? Well, whatever. I'm not here to complain about the brony fandom.

First, a little history for those who haven't watched every episode of MLP. Angel is Fluttershy's abrasive pet rabbit helper who helps her with pretty much everything. How she trained a rabbit to do all this is beyond me, although it's implied he might be as sentient as the ponies. Angel can be bossy and a spoiled brat at times. We've seen many characters with this archetype before, and almost every one is hated. The moments everyone seems to recite over and over again as the reason for Angel Bunny's hatred are of course slapping Fluttershy over a salad that wasn't made to his standards, and kicking her out of her house. I'll admit Angel annoyed me for a while too, but I got over it. Then in Season 3 he torments Spike and tries to get him in trouble while taunting him. Even the pets themselves have nothing but contempt for Angel. He also torments Iron Will with Rainbow Dash in Friends Forever 10. And then he kicks Fluttershy out of her house again in Season 5's Castle Sweet Castle.

But with that said, Angel has had moments of kindness. He's helped Fluttershy when she was down the most in Hurricane Fluttershy, Filli Vanilli, Ponyville Confidential and the comics be it Micro Series or the main series. Yeah the micro series were kind of "eh" at best and "atrocious" at worst, but they got Angel's character right, which is something to be respected. As for the comics, he actually gets his own Day in the Limelight in a comic where the pets have to save their owners if I remember correctly, he acts as their leader. He also had a good reason for misbehaving in Just for Sidekicks: He wanted to teach Spike a lesson in compassion for pets and earn his reward rather than brushing them off and trying to make his cake.  But my question is, does he deserve all this hate? I'd say no. While he does have his abrasive moments, he, like Rainbow Dash has a heart of gold under it all and does genuinely care for Fluttershy. We haven't been told his backstory, but it could be that he has a very good reason for all this pent up anger he unleashes on the world around him. Sure, he can be a jerk, but every character in the show has shown flaws, even Fluttershy. So if you ask me, he deserves the hate about as much as Rainbow Dash, Rarity, or even Fluttershy which is to say not at all.

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