After seeing that birthday games are quite popular now, I've decided to put my own spin on them and have a "job" edition for some random jobs I drew out of a hat. As usual the month is the job you have and the day is the pony. I think a few of you might be surprised with who you get.

Anyway, here goes.

January-Weather control
February-Fashion Designer
May-Animal Caretaker
June-Party Planner
July-Dodgeball Referee
August-Ponyville Mayor
December-Director (of plays)

1. Princess Luna
2. Diamond Tiara
3. Scootaloo
4. Princess Celestia
5. Discord
6. Trixie 
7. Sunset Shimmer
8. Rainbow Dash
9. Coco Pommel
10. Cadence
11. Shining Armor
12. Spike
13. Angel Bunny
14. Minuette
15. Twilight Sparkle
16. Sweetie Belle
17. Apple Bloom
18. Babs Seed
19. Silver Spoon
20. Applejack
21. Pinkie Pie
22. Doctor Whooves
23. Dinky Doo
24. Octavia
25. Lyra
26. DJ PON3/Vinyl Scratch
27. Bon Bon
28. Rarity
29. Fluttershy
30. Your choice
31. Derpy Hooves

Post in the comments what you get and have fun!