I don't remember if this has been done or not but basically what you do in this game is caption a picture posted by the below user.


User 1: *posts picture*

User 2: Rainbow Dash: It's a shame I had to quit the Wonderbolts, but I just had to see this. I couldn't be wasting my time practicing!

Just come up with a funny, interesting sentence about the picture posted by the below user.

I'll start by posting a picture and the first person to comment gets to caption the picture I posted. In addition, they must post a picture of their own for the next user to caption or write a sentence about what they think the characters are saying in the picture.

It doesn't have to be MLP related, but I'd advise you try and make the pictures MLP related. Screenshots from the show are perfect for this. (Don't be boring and just use what the characters say, be creative and come up with something funny, but not offensive or mature in any way. Keep this PG at the worst.) 

Have fun.