Long blog title is long. The original title was "What are characters everyone else likes but you dislike, or what are characters everyone else dislikes but you don't mind". I got this from reading people's overrated/worst character memes on Deviantart. I wanted to know if there were any characters that everyone seems to dislike but you don't mind or characters that everyone else likes but you dislike.

EG: I dislike Rainbow Dash, a well-loved character because yada yada yada. Or: I never got the appeal of Yoda. To me, he just seems like an old little alien guy with nothing special about him.

Here are some characters I don't get why people like:

Soarin: Bland, boring, and all around uninteresting. He's like the Shining Armour of pegasi, created solely so Rainbow would have a potential love interest and serves no other purpose. He just doesn't seem like a very well rounded character and while the other Wonderbolts are flawed in some way, he is not.

Flash Sentry: Yes, yes, he's very well disliked. But I've heard quite a few people say they like him. I just don't understand these people. He's just so... generic and boring. Nothing about him stands out. He's got less personality than Shining Armour and Soarin put together. Equestria Girls would have been a little more enjoyable if he was not a part of it. Now watch him have a major focus in Rainbow Rocks...

Twilight Sparkle: I don't see why people like her so much. She seems like the least interesting of the mane six and seems like a grouch at times. At least Rainbow isn't above a little pranking, even her early incarnation who was a lot more grumpier still loved pranking people and playing jokes. In recent episodes, she's been nothing but a nagging bore who ruins people's fun with "good intentions". And she always has to be right, no matter what. I dislike her for the same reason a lot of people dislike Lisa Simpson. She's insufferable, grumpy at times, and has the audacity to try and convince other people to convert to her own ways, even if they aren't necessarily the "right" ways. For instance, what if Rainbow wasn't just flying with the Cloudsdale team just because she liked the Wonderbolts, but because she felt a loyalty to her hometown? If I lived somewhere for a long time, I'd feel loyalty there too. Also, people aren't treating her like a princess, so what's the point of her being an alicorn?

Feel free to disagree with me or post characters you like/dislike in the comments below.