Just a fun little game I thought up inspired by the claim a pony game. In this, you claim someone from the wiki as yours. As of this edit, you can claim up to five people. Each person can be claimed up to two times.

Just before anyone else can, I claim our beloved admin, Fishey aka Cod4. And I also claim Flutterbutter, my adorable little buddy. With the new rule in place I also claim Unknown Prodigy aka Cattle Prod and Seaswirl10 or Swirlix. I also claim James the Bunny for being so dang adorable and precocious.

Fishey and Flutter can now be claimed at least once more but no more.

Have fun you guys!

Edit: Because this game got more popular than I expected, I've decided to discontinue the list of claimed users. Sorry!

Here's a list of claimed users!

Callofduty4: Claimed by me.

Flutterbutter: Claimed by me and Klepto.

UnknownProdigy: Claimed by me, UniCandy, and bluelighting.

Seaswirl10: Claimed by me and bluelighting.

StephOfTheEast: Claimed by Sarah.

Bluelighting: Claimed by Swirlix.

Guildmaster Grovyle: Claimed by herself, Prod, and Meester Tweester.

UglyTurtle: Claimed by KleptoBrony.

OctaviaMelody1996 aka Tavi: Claimed by Amelia and Nihi.

Candle: Claimed by Amelia, Fennec, and Meester Tweester.

Crimson "Valent" Azure (that's me!): Claimed by UnknownProdigy and Meester Tweester!

PowerStar89: Claimed by Nihi.

Meester Tweester: Claimed by himself.

PegasusParchment: Claim by himself.

James The Bunny: Claimed by me.

FlameStar101: Claimed by Power.

XTalvy: Claimed by UniCandy