That's right! A brand new game that's never been done before has been thought up and is now ready to be played.

The objective of this game is to compare the below user to something or someone. The "someone" can be any character fictitious or not or it can be a thing. The game goes for as long as people can compare someone to something.


User 1: *posts*

User 2: You are like Abraham Lincolin for your wisdom and love for your nation.

User 3: You are like Rarity for your boundless generosity.

User 4: You are like Fluttershy for your meek, yet gentle nature.

Think of it as a compliment blog. But no comparing people to objects like "a piece of dirt" or calling people names like "I compare you to Carrie because your a homicidal maniac". Be nice and remember, everyone has feelings.

The first person to post in the comments gets to compare me to something so without further ado... HAVE AT YOU! *teleport sound*