Welcome to Corrupt A Wish 2: Christmas Edition

I thought I'd remake this blog so everyone can start fresh and think up new wishes, and also because Christmas is coming up next month. This time I've removed the rules so you're free to let your imaginations run wild. Instead of continuing from the start, we'll start over.

Original Description:  This was a popular game at an old forum I went to and I have decided to bring it here. Basically what you do is post a possible wish such as wanting riches in the comments. The next person has to come up with a negative side effect to the wish AND post a wish of their own. It can even be a pun!


Person 1: I wish for world peace!

Person 2: Granted, but your "piece" of the world isn't very big.

I wish I could be married to Rarity.

Person 3: Granted, but the amount of times you don't have to buy her gifts is a "rarity"!

Don't worry, you don't have to use puns, just think of a negative side effect to a wish, it can be whatever you can think of.

I'll get the ball rolling by starting with a wish. The first person to reply in the comments gets to decide what the negative side effect to my wish is. Then they must post a wish of their own and the next person to comment must then corrupt that wish by thinking of a negative side effect.

Everypony got it? 

I wish Santa was real.

Now that I've done a wish, you're free to corrupt it. Have fun, and let's try and keep this alive this time!

PS: Wishes don't have to be Christmas themed.