Welcome to another installment of Corrupt a Wish! I thought I'd bring this back since it was popular a few months ago and with the recent drop in activity, I'm hoping it'll get some more people posting in blogs.

Here's how to play: You wish for something, anything and the next user has to "corrupt" it by giving a negative side effect to the wish. It can even be a pun! For example:

User 1: I wish I was a chat mod.

User 2: Granted, but you are demodded the next day because there are too many mods. I wish for world peace.

User 3: Granted but your piece of the world isn't very big. I wish, I wish, I wish I was a fish.

The first person in the comments below gets to corrupt my wish. They must then post a wish of their own for corrupting.

Have fun with your bad self!

I wish I was a pirate. Yar ho har!