I got this idea from a now dead website called Lemmy's Land. Basically either the author or a Mario character would interview another Mario character in playscript style with hilarious results. I decided to give my own pony spin on the interviews and have Crimson (or Rainbow Dash) interview various ponies and characters from the show. Random things would happen during the interview so it wouldn't be just some boring interview that nobody's interested in. If you wish to have your OC or yourself interviewed, or have a request for an interview, please do so in the comments below and I will consider it for a future interview. For now, let's get to our first interview, with everyone's favourite newbie Wonderbolt, Rainbow Dash.

Crimson sits down in a large red chair

Crimson: Welcome to Crimson Azure's interview show. I'm Crimson and today we will be interviewing a very special guest who has agreed to be a permanent member of the interviewing team. So let's give a big My Little Pony Wiki welcome to... Rainbow Daaaaash!

A blue blur flies into the room so fast, it nearly leaves a trail of flames behind it. Crimson uses his horn to catch the blur and gently place it now revealed to be Rainbow Dash in the seat across from him. The crowd applauds this show of finesse and balloons are tossed into the air.

Crimson: Yes, thank you very much Rainbow for taking time out if your busy Wonderbolts schedule to be here.

Rainbow Dash: Not a problem, Crimson, but seeing as you promised me cider, I'll happy accept.

Crimson: Well then, let's get started with a question everyone's probably got on their mind. Our relationship.

Rainbow Dash: Aww... do u have to say it. It's embarrassing!

Crimson: I'll say it. Yes folks, it is true that Rainbow Dash and I are engaged. After a few dates that spun over two years, we've decided to finally tie the knot.

Oohs and ahs can be heard through the audience. Tirek stands up and screams "Shut up!"

Crimson: Alright, now for some audience questions! Seat #25!

Twilight Sparkle: When did you first want to join the Wonderbolts?

Rainbow: I'd say that was when I was a filly. My old man Rainbow Blaze and I went to a derby one day just when I was learning to fly. I was awestruck by their amazing flying aerodynamics and flight coreography that I wanted to emulate them in the best way that I knew how. And that, is the first time I wanted to be a Wonderbolt and now that I'm finally one... well...

Crimson: Seat #76.

Hoops: What possessed you to defend Klutzershy, Crash?

Rainbow Dash: I remember back on my first day of Flight School, our teacher Ms. Whirlwind was showing everypony how to preform a crucial 360 degree turn should you need to, and then I decided to show off and flew up into the clouds where I crashed into a hoop, spun around and landed in a garbage can that rolled right in front of Ms. Whirlwind and Dumbbell. I was so dazed I barely remember but everypony was laughing at me aside from Crimson who was sick that day, and Fluttershy who was too shy to speak up. I got the name Rainbow Crash and then I developed a seething hatred for bullies like you, Hoops. Since telling the teacher was hopeless, I decided to defend Fluttershy's honor in a race around the flight camp not just for Fluttershy but for myself to prove an awesome flier. Though I didn't know what had happened to Fluttershy until a few days later, I do remember performing my first sonic rainboom. I made the impossible possible!

Crimson: I see... well witty wordplay aside, what brought you to accepting Scootaloo as more than an obsessed fan girl?

Rainbow Dash: Well... I-

Suddenly a swarm of Griffons flew in and surrounded Crimson.

Crimson: What's wrong? I paid the rental fee for this studio.

Griffon #1: I'm Griff Alvin and you said before that you hate Gilda!

Crimson: W-What?! I never said that! I just didn't like her attitude in the beginning being cruel to Fluttershy and other ponies.

Griffon #2: That's not all. You said Gilda's redemption was rushed.

Griffon #3: We's gonna tear you limb from limb for that...

Crimson: Uh oh. I have to go with these... fellows so please Dashie, I leave the question answering to you.

Crimson is hauled off by the four very muscular griffons.

Rainbow Dash: Scootaloo reminded me of myself when I was a filly. If you'll remember, I used to be a terrible flier and often crashed into things which was a big worry for my parents Firefly and Rainbow Blaze. Scootaloo's parents are often abroad traveling the four corners of Equestria and because of this, she needed encouragement. I thought u could be that encouragement for her. Plus I noticed when she was acting kind of funny on our camping trip and decided to investigate the woods to make sure my story didn't spook her too much. And sure enough, there she was: almost off a waterfall. I wanted to be there for her because my dad passed away when I was young and my mom was never the same when he did so I wanted to be there for her when nobody else could be. Anyway, Seat #001.

Granny Smith: Why're ya so addicted to Zap apple jam and Apple cider.

Rainbow Dash: Truth is, Applejack and I go way back. I arrived in Ponyville on my 17th birthday after graduating from Flight school and bumped into Applejack when I was going to purchase a house. She was hawking her wares and I was hungry so out of desperation, I bought cider and some Zap apple jam and ate it. I told her it was the most delicious thing I have had in my life and I wanted her to make me some once every year. I got addicted to the stuff but still I can't imagine life without the Apple Family's cider. Won't somepony please think of the cider?!

Crimson comes in on crutches and all bandaged up.

Crimson: Well I think that's about all the time we have for today. Join us next time when we interview... I don't know yet. Give all your ideas to Rainbow Dash and we'll see what we can do. The moral of the story is never disagree with a Griffon. Goodnight everypony... *faints*