Welcome one and all to my top ten worst Friendship is Magic episodes. These are the episodes I generally only watched once or twice and never touched again because I had so much loathing for them. Just a disclaimer, I don't think #10 is a bad episode. I only don't like it for my own reasons and it's hard to watch. I can't say the same about the other 9. With that said, let's get to the list.

Dishonourable Mention:

Equestria Girls. Which one? All of them. Though Rainbow Rocks and the first one to a lesser extent.

I know it's kind of cheating putting Equestria Girls on this list as the idea in general seems to get mixed reactions but let me make one thing perfectly clear. I do not dislike Equestria Girls as a whole contrary to what you might think. There is enough to salvage to prevent it from being on my actual list. I don't mind Flash Sentry despite what others think, like Guildmaster Grovyle, I blame Twilight for being needlessly moony over him. He's a decent guy and to be honest, would have made an interesting character if not for the fact he has little character of his own. He's just kind of... there. As for Sunset Shimmer and the Dazzlings, I didn't like Sunset Shimmer at all in the first Equestria Girls film and didn't feel sad when she started crying. I thought she was every negative stereotype of the cliched alpha female clique leader in high school and was pretty much the exact type of girl to bully me back in high school. But with that said, there are some funny moments in the movies. Like the Cutie Mark Crusaders on Youtube, Twilight's struggles to fit in, some moments between the mane five, and a few funny moments in the other movies that I can't think up off the top of my head. Principal Cinch, while not my favourite villain in this subseries, seemed like she could have been Sunset's excuse as to why she acts like she does. So to sum it up, I don't dislike too much of Equestria Girls although I do find the idea silly as the mane six are clearly NOT teenagers unless you apply anime logic, but even then, this is a North American show so anime logic of characters having full time jobs (unless they all dropped out which would be stupid) and being authority figures in the community making these characters into high schoolers rubs me the wrong way. But I kind of like what Equestria Girls tackled and I'm eager to see what they'll do for the fourth movie.

PS: I hate the songs in Equestria Girls especially Shake Your Tail and A Perfect Night for Fun.

  1. 10 is....


Now I know this may come as a shock to you, since a lot of people consider this the first truly "good" episode of Friendship is Magic and while I agree it's a decent enough episode on it's own, it's just so hard to watch with so many better episodes out there and episodes that while they are pretty boring, at least they don't remind me of myself. Without saying exactly why, Fluttershy (even though I'm a Rainbow Dash fan) is the character I relate to most. I hate crowds, I hate people judging me, I generally prefer animals to people, and I get spooked easily. This episode in particular shows off all those aspects of Fluttershy and would be a good episode if not for the fact the one who didn't understand it, was Rainbow Dash. This is the same pony who defended Fluttershy against bullies back when she was a foal, and seeing as how she apparently knew Fluttershy since then and possibly even earlier since they grew up together. It's just hard seeing Rainbow Dash as impatient as Fleetway's Sonic the Comic's Sonic the Hedgehog. For those unaware, Fleetway chose to make Sonic an absurdly brash, selfish anti hero to the point he's almost as bad as the characters he fights against and the only reason that he's a hero is because the freedom fighters can rely on no one else. This is a far cry from the friendly but somewhat brash speedster that most interpretations of Sonic go for. Sure Sonic taunted his enemies but in this comic, he outright makes them cry to the point you're wondering if you're really supposed to root for this guy. Honestly, that's what this episode does to Rainbow Dash. It makes her more impatient and grumpier than usual with zero tolerance for Fluttershy's anxiety and it makes me sad because this is the episode that made me dislike Rainbow Dash at first and it would take a season of ups and downs to get her back in my good graces and then to my favourite pony. I also don't like Angel Bunny's behaviour in this episode. This is the first episode we see of Angel being an obnoxious brat. I could tolerate everything else about this episode, but Fluttershy's crippling anxiety being a bad reminder of myself, Rainbow Dash's impatience and contempt for Fluttershy, and Angel being a spoiled brat, yeah there's not much to salvage in this episode in my eyes.

And for number 9 we have...

Ponyville Confidential.

Though Flight to the Finish (also my favourite episode) solidified my dislike of Diamond Tiara (until Season 5) this was the episode that really brought it up. She was bad enough in Call of the Cutie and One Bad Apple, but now she decides to make the Cutie Mark Crusaders gossip columnists making them completely ostracized by the town and being the town pariahs. Not much to say except this episode reminds me of The Boys of Bummer Simpsons episode which did the same thing. What is with cartoons and giving characters who don't deserve it unnecessary punishment? Especially ​kids  for Celestia's sake. And for the entire town to hate the Crusaders even the normally kid-loving Rainbow Dash, and Fluttershy makes me hate this episode even more.

For Number Eight we have a tie...

The Hooffields and the McColts AND What About Discord

After watching What about Discord back, I figured I didn't dislike it as much as I thought so that's why it's only #8, but it's tied with The Hooffields and McColts as one of the worst and most disappointing episodes of Season 5 ever. Not only has the feuding families plot been done to death in literally every other animated cartoon, but this episode doesn't bring anything new to the table and is just boring. Like I nearly gave up midway through not even bothering to see how it resolved because it was so boring. Not much to say. If they added a newer idea to the conflict like maybe make it slobs vs snobs or something (one family could be slobby hillbilly folk while the other could be refined upper class twits like Rarity only not as likable. Make them both horribly unlikable and you've got a decent idea on your hands that would be more fun than... this. As for What About Discord, it makes the mane five into inconsiderate jerks who don't care that Twilight missed out on a supposed fun weekend with Discord. While it's not really clear as to whether or not they were under Discord's spell, I'm going to say no since it's not outright stated, the ending is way too cruel for anyone who likes Discord having the mane six heckle Discord and unlike Maud in Make New Friends But Keep Discord, it was a lot less funny.

Number 7 is...

Dragon Quest.

It was nice to see Rarity and Rainbow Dash interacting together since you don't see that everyday, but that's about the only good thing about this episode. With insulting interpretations of teenagers, dragons, and cruel racism, it's not hard to understand why I would dislike this episode as I was once a teenager myself, in fact I was just out of my teens when this episode premiered at age 19. This episode makes the teenage dragons out to be the most vile and evil villains when there were other characters that did worse things, and it was just unpleasant. Next!

Number 6 is...

Putting Your Hoof Down.

Not going to sugarcoat this one. I've disliked this one for a while, and while I have liked it more as the years went by, it still had one of my favourite characters who WAS me for a while, Fluttershy acting cruel to her friends for no apparent reason. And it's not just Fluttershy. EVERYPONY has a stick up their butt in this episode, even Rarity and Pinkie to an extent, but the worst behaviour award goes to Angel Bunny who outright hits his owner, locks her out of her house and refuses to let her back in until she gets the ingredients for an overly complicated salad. So you kind of can see why Fluttershy would take assertiveness training like this. Compared to everypony else, Iron Will seems like simply a simple businessman who's tactics worked a little too well and only wanted compensation, and in the end didn't get it. Just talking about this episode makes me feel unclean, but it is nothing compared to the next few episodes.

Number 5 is...


I'm sorry people. I just hate it when the mane six act out of character and this episode again has them basically mistreating Fluttershy just because she won't relent in exterminating the fruit bats. While both sides have good reasons, you'd think Rainbow Dash being the element of loyalty and arguably the friend who knows Fluttershy the best would sympathize with her and help her find a humane (what's the pony equivalent of this word) solution to the vampire fruit bats. Watching this episode gives me unpleasant memories of the episode Pets or Pests (a really bad modern Spongebob episode, watch at your own risk) and makes me wonder if I had a pet that other people wanted to be put down, even my closest friends. Being an animal lover, this episode hits me where it hurts and unlike May the Best Pet Win which it was a competition, Dashie was in the wrong in that episode, and it was a guilty pleasure, this episode doesn't have any of that except for Flutterbat who returns in a much better episode in my eyes, Scare Master.

Number 4 is...

Baby Cakes

It was hard picking between the top four on this list because I hated them all equally. But this one gets a pass because it was horribly written and honestly has some cute moments. But the jokes fell flat, it was boring and obnoxious due to the babies crying, and made me never want to have children. I wish I could say the next three episodes had cute moments.

Number 3 is...

The Cutie Remark Part 2

Part 1 was ok. Lots of neat bad futures and some interesting insight into the past as well as funny jokes involving Filly!Rainbow Dash and popcorn. But Part 2... oh Celestia, what have you done Josh? You did so well on Part 1 and could have given Starlight Glimmer a more understandable excuse for her hatred of friendship and communism. It's like saying "You know why Tirek nearly destroyed Equestria? Some ponies teased him and we should feel bad that bullies can drive a person to murderous rage.". It's stupid, it's flimsy, and it doesn't excuse her actions at all and why we should feel bad for a character that up until this point was a fairly interesting villain. The song was pretty bad too being about as Equestria Girls as a FIM song can get and overly schmultzy and tasting of frosting. I've never heard of a song more overly peppy than this song. All I can say now is it was a disappointing end to an otherwise good season.

Number 2 is...

The Mysterious Mare Do Well.

I'm sorry. I can't forgive Merriweather Williams for this episode. It turned my favourite character who in other episodes has been shown to have much potential and smarts if a bit on the ADHD side to be a blundering fool where everyone in town makes fun of her and worships Mare Do Well. Sound familiar? It was the precursor to another episode on this list, Ponyville Confidential. But while that episode had some funny moments, this episode has none and makes me cry every time I watch it for how cruelly the mane five (minus Rarity) and the townsfolk treat Rainbow Dash. This was the episode that propelled Rainbow into my favourites because I felt sorry for her more than I did for the mane five. Feeling worthless is one of the worst feelings besides anxiety and to anyone out there who feels this way, you're not alone. I've got nothing more to say except... I hate this episode.

And finally the number one worst episode of Friendship is Magic is..

bnia​Rwo sFlla  or Rainbow Falls if you unscramble it.

First I have a confession to make. I like the military. They serve our countries well and protect us from evil hence why in most countries they have at least one day to commemorate them and salute the brave men and women who have fought to keep our United Nations free.

Let's make them into total jerks to give Rainbow Dash a reason to doubt her friends! Mr Enter said everything I've wanted to say about this episode since it came out, but I'll say a few things here. It's cruel, it's not funny, it's annoying, and it demonizes something that saves lifes. It's like making an entire episode to show why doctors are jerks. There are so many other ways this type of plotline could work, but they chose to go this unpleasant route and because of this episode alone, Corey Powell is my least favourite writer of the show.

Whew. Those are my top ten worst episodes. I hope you enjoyed and if you want to here me ramble some more, go ahead and post in the comments. Or you can just talk about these episodes if you'd like.