You may notice I haven't been nearly as active as I used to be on both chat and the wiki. No that's not because of Discord, but I'm admitting it: I hate MLP now.

I used to like the show for being a clever slice of life show but now it's clearly become the opposite of what it was before and has made me appreciate each new episode less and less. I can't relate to any of the main cast anymore because they are clearly much younger than me (Equestria Girls all but confirms they're only slightly older than the CMC) and my crush on Rainbow Dash is unrequited and kinda creepy so I'm backing off.

In addition, I am also retiring my chat mod position because this move to discord is something I am very opposed to. As of this blog, I am leaving this wiki. It's been fun. We've shared some laughs and fun times together but now it's time to end it all. So I say to you wiki of a show I now despise: Farewell! Did I mention I found out they're gonna be delaying the MLP movie till 2019?


What? You're still here? Okay, April Fools! You might have seen this coming but all of this is my joke for this year. A little less elaborate than most but I'm sure I got some of you. I know for a fact EQG doesn't represent the mane six's ages especially if the CMC who were young fillies are now teens around the humane six's ages. I am, however starting to lose interest in the ponies though I still adore fan art of them and Rainbow is still my waifu for laifu but as far as new episodes go, I'm not really looking forward to much of S7 especially with an increased focus on Twilight Sparkle 2.0-I mean Starlight Glimmer. Some of the reveals don't excite me the way they used to. I'd be happy if they wowed me with an episode the way they used to but to be honest after S5, I can see kind of a decline in quality. There's a few episodes that I'd love to rewatch but not as many as before. Even the episode I was hyped for the most besides Buckball Season The cart before the ponies ended up being the worst episode of the Season not named Newbie Dash or 28 Pranks Later. And the Season finale seemed almost like they were trying to make the mane six utterly useless just so Starlight could save the day. You haven't had an episode where Appllejack for example saves the day from a big bad so why not her instead? S6 was the season of wasted potential and I'd kind of like a few good reasons as to why I should watch S7, as well as were you fooled.